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Home Office Closure

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I have just closed my home office in PA I have set out a drop off box for clients to place their income tax information in

I haven't figured out yet how to have the completed returns picked up and signed Any suggestions?

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I have a number of clients that do everything via secure email.  I email them the return for review and send signature documents.  They print/sign/email or fax the signature documents back.  I only have one that actually snail mails everything.

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Good for you.  You haven't really closed the office, though -- you're just not letting anyone visit, right?

I wish all my clients were computer trained so we could do everything electronically.  I postponed all my appointments for the rest of the month -- all 15 clients are over 60.  We might see them in April, or we might file extensions.  If they are unhappy, Block welcomes walk-ins.  (Their CEO posted a letter online that says "You can make an appointment or walk in, and know we are following guidelines with your safety in mind."  Think about that for a moment.)

How long do you wait before touching what they have touched?  The virus lives longest on plastic and steel, surviving for up to 72 hours. But the amount of viable virus decreases sharply over this time. It also does poorly on copper, surviving four hours. On cardboard, it survives up to 24 hours.

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I started the same procedure on Monday.  I have always had a station set up for drop offs in my entryway with large envelopes and in and out baskets.  For signing they have the option of secure email with a summary of what is on the return, or I will mail everything or they let me know when they will be stopping and I place the return in an envelope and set it out, they can either take it home and call for a review over the phone before returning the signature forms.  I find that most are just signing and leaving the forms at the time of pickup.  I am quickly burning through my supply of hand sanitizer.  I have always used a lot of it during tax time, but now it is continual before I touch anything.  I also keep the spray lysol handy to use on the entryway whenever I hear someone out there.  

Just got a text that the largest employer in this area sent someone home with possible symptoms.  Yesterday there was a confirmed case about 40 miles away.  It's getting scarier and scarier.