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entering section 199 data

Level 1

I select the link on entering Sub S K-1 data for line 17 for the Section 199 data input.  I can't find the Schedule A to input this data into.  

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Level 2

When I imported an S-Corp K1 into a 1040, it errors on Line 17 for Code V. When you click on the button to go to Code V it takes you to the K1 additional info 1 page. Oops this is a bad link. After retrying and searching on all of the K1 input screen I found the Code V input all the way at the bottom of the first page of the K1 input past the Passive Activity worksheets. 

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Level 1

I am facing the same issue. Line 17 says Code Z and Statement but no statement is produced with the 199A information other than Statement A. When i import the K-1 to the Individual, i get an error message on the K-1 with code Z and the individual doesnt receive QBI dedcution. i am missing something here. We have finished few of the Business tax returns but waiting on this to efile. Can someone help me 

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