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There is no board for Quickbooks. 

Question is QB bank feed rules description is limited to looking at the Downloaded as column. Best will be to have a choice between Bank Memo of Downloaded as field. Some banks has the same definition in the first line on the account such as ELECTRONIC/ACH DEBIT and the detail comes in as Bank Memo. In this situation rules become obsolete. It seems like this issue has been around since 2019 but Intuit hasn't taken the time to rectify it. If anyone knows a better way to design a rule based on Bank Memo please advise it will be much appreciated.

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"There is no board for Quickbooks."

But there really is:

US QuickBooks Community (intuit.com)

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"and the detail comes in as Bank Memo."

Talk to your Bank.

I am a QB Consultant and a custom programmer that was hired by US Bank many years ago (a lot longer than just back to 2019) to help identify this issue for a QB for Mac user.

"but Intuit hasn't taken the time to rectify it"

It is the Banks' programming standard for how they implement ofx standards. You can change banks, to get better info.

"If anyone knows a better way to design a rule based on Bank Memo please advise it will be much appreciated."

For many things, the date it cleared your bank isn't your bookkeeping date for that transaction. A lot of ACH is automated as routine, and that allows you to use Memorized (routine) transactions, and then the banking download can be used to find a match to the entry already made. Example: Your electric bill can be memorized, triggered routinely, as a Check or Bill. You update it when the ACH comes through for the specific amount, then match the download to the existing transaction, which verifies it. For an accrual entity, this is even more important, since the date on the Bill is needed, and the date of the Payment simply confirms it was paid by them taking your funds or hitting the credit card on a specific date.

For payments to you by customers made ACH, you would "add more details" to see the function to match to open invoices. There also is a tab here for matching a deposit to your amount(s) sitting in Undeposited Funds. The funds Out function works the same way: match to existing transaction already in the register or "add more details" to match to open AP.

And yes, there is a QB community and has been for years; it is linked to the Help system inside of your program. You see the same community from the perspective of QB's internal browser or from going to that link you were given using a web browser. Which is why you need to be careful; there are a lot of wrong answers in the QB Community.


"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.