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Improve Lacerte

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Improve Lacerte


I remember using the Lacerte tax program back in 2004. Over the years there have been small changes. Unfortunately is largely the same program now in 2020 as it was back then.

That is the big problem. Why hasn’t it improved in 16 years?

Please implement the following:

1) One wizard to e-file both tax return and estimated tax payments, instead of a separate wizard for estimated tax payments and a separate wizard for e-filing (it took them until 2020 to combine the screen for SMLLC filing and FBAR filing, a major improvement, I agree)
Every year we have filing errors, because it is in 2 separate wizards. This could easily be eliminated if it was in one wizard with multiple options.

2) Decent reporting features

a. Imagine being able to see all your individual, corps, s-corps, trusts, non-profits, in one screen and to be able to easily filter the data. Instead now we (the preparers) have to create custom filters and go into each module separately.

b. Imagine when you export data from Lacerte it is the same as what you see on screen. Instead we see the codes and numbers for staff and statuses.

c. Imagine if you could see all your client’s tax estimates for next year and whether they have been scheduled electronically in 2 seconds.

3) Better tax summaries

a. Imagine having short-term and long-term capital gains on the summary instead of one combined number.

b. Imagine having a detailed comparison of Schedule C and Schedule E rental income and expenses

The information is there if Lacerte could just create the functionality.

I think these features are necessary and long overdue. I believe we deserve a better program. We pay for a quality product because we want one with the latest updates and functionality.

Thank you for your time.

Status: Product Suggestion
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Level 15


 Why hasn’t it improved in 16 years?



Because Intuit bought it in 1998.

Intuit doesn't make tax software.  They BUY good tax software and hand it over to their marketing team.  Intuit just tries to maintain what they buy; they don't actually try to work with the software to improve it.

If you want tax software is that gradually improved, you will need to buy tax software from a company that actually MAKES tax software (originally designed it).

Level 2

It's obvious that they haven't spent the resources to improve program, however, if enough Lacerte users came together to force the issue then management would need to listen and make changes. 

I'm just talking about some simple fixes to the user interface that would save a lot of our time and time equals money.

Given the social media tools now available we should leverage that.

Here is my petition on change.org or create you own and I will sign it.


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