Intuit Accountants: our new family name across the Intuit ecosystem

Intuit® Accountants News female tax professional

Many tax and accounting professionals just like you use a variety of Intuit® products and services to support their practice. You’ve told us that the communications about these products and services, including emails and websites, often have different brands and unique designs, which sometimes makes it difficult to know which ones are for you. Plus, there is not one place to learn about all of Intuit’s offerings for tax and accounting professionals.

Because tax and accounting professionals are such valuable partners to Intuit, we want to improve this experience across the Intuit ecosystem.

On April 16, 2020, as the first step in creating a more unified experience for tax and accounting professionals across the Intuit ecosystem, we launched the Intuit Accountants family name across our professional tax products. Over time, you will start seeing Intuit Accountants across our professional tax, accounting, and bookkeeping portfolios as the name signifying which products, services, programs, and communications are for you. As a result of this strategy, we are sunsetting the Intuit ProConnect™ family brand for professional tax, but it will remain part of the product name for ProConnect Tax (formerly Intuit ProConnect Tax Online).

Rest assured, your tax software functionality will not be changing because of this name change. So, what is changing? You will begin to see many communications about Lacerte®, ProSeries®, and ProConnect start to use the Intuit Accountants name, and some of our email addresses are changing. If you maintain a safe sender list with your email provider, it is recommended to add to your safe senders list. This will allow you to continue receiving important emails regarding renewals, invoices, and critical alerts.

In addition, in late May, the new Intuit Accountants page will launch on, giving you one place to discover all of Intuit’s offerings for tax and accounting professionals across our ecosystem, including professional tax, accounting and bookkeeping, and live expert opportunities on TurboTax® Live and QuickBooks® Live.