QuickBooks Connect 2019: Something for Everyone

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You may have heard the buzz from your friends and colleagues about QuickBooks® Connect, the big event held every year in San Jose, Calif., that offers training, networking and more. Some tax practitioners may assume QuickBooks Connect is a conference solely dedicated to QuickBooks training, with sessions strictly for bookkeepers or QuickBooks consultants.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth! There is tax-related content, too, including the following:

  • Master the Advisory Services Growth Formula. This session provides the framework to grow your practice beyond tax preparation, bookkeeping and basic compliance, with powerful business coaching and advisory strategies to drive double-digit revenue growth and power prosperity for your clients. Jim Buffington, CPA, and Renee Daggett, EA, will present this session.
  • Leading With Tax Planning: Simple Strategies to Tremendous ROI, presented by Jackie Meyer, CPA. The future of accounting is in specialization, and tax strategy is the easiest specialization to be able to find a return on investment (ROI). Jackie will share her magical ROI worksheet and point out several tax strategies that are easy to implement to begin converting to value pricing with your clients. Forget theory – this is where you implement.
  • Bundled Services Are the Bomb. This session provides the framework for multi-service firms to update traditional billing practices to delight clients, create internal capacity, deliver higher-value advisory services and drive double-digit growth in firm revenue. Best practices to onboard clients to the right service levels will be discussed, and attendees will be equipped with client messaging and sample bundled service packages that better communicate firm value. Debra Kilsheimer presents this session.
  • Tax Planning for Nonprofits: Based on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, changes in unrelated business income tax (UBIT) mean that more than 600,000 not-for-profit organizations may now be required to file and pay taxes for the first time. In this interactive session, attendees will learn the mechanics of UBIT, as well as the new “parking tax” that has everyone in an uproar. This session is presented by Gregg Bossen, CPA, who also wrote a recent article on taxing nonprofits and UBIT for the Intuit® Tax Pro Center.
  • Blisteringly Hot, Cool New Features in QuickBooks Online and Intuit ProConnect™ Tax Online. Are you so busy taking care of your clients that you haven’t explored some of the new tools in Quickbooks Online? In this session, the discussion leader will take a look at feature enhancements designed to streamline your workflow and make QuickBooks Online a pleasure to use.

This highly engaging and inspirational conference is also applicable if you work in a large firm, at any level. Here are some topics particularly helpful for partners and mid-upper-level managers in firms with more than 50 employees:

  • Leading Through Change: An Outsourced Journey to Drive Businesses Forward. Implementing processes or growing your team … the challenges of fostering innovation can seem overwhelming, so how do you successfully implement visionary changes without disrupting your current success? The story of how Elliott Davis, a firm of 750 advisors based in Greenville, S.C., transformed its outsourced accounting practice from a small group of paraprofessionals to a robust team of degreed and licensed professionals will inspire your future-ready efforts. In this session, you’ll learn tactical steps required to embrace change, manage through unintended consequences and take your practice to the next level.
  • Why the Smartest Accountants Don’t Always Win. Many leaders don’t realize they are ineffective and holding back their firms from achieving great results. The skills that separate successful accountants with loyal clients from the less successful, burned-out accountants are not what you think they are! Discover the key skills you need to improve your personal performance and understand what you’re doing to create a bottleneck in your results. Hint: It’s not what you think it is! With this new understanding, explore how to uncover and develop the potential in your team members, and grow your firm exponentially.
  • Scaling Your Practice Through Business Development & Marketing. In this session, you will learn how to message and communicate your value proposition through strategic sales and marketing initiatives. Great messaging allows you to effectively educate your clients and prospects about your firm’s capabilities and your value in order to engage you for additional services. This session will provide a framework on how to tell your story through website content and messaging, email nurturing, sales letters and conversations, and generating leads, and how to gather the best customer testimonials.

These are just a few examples of content designed for tax professionals. QuickBooks Connect offers a range of topics, including leadership development, business management and inspirational talks. See the full agenda for more topics.

Even if you don’t do bookkeeping or QuickBooks consulting, you probably cross paths with QuickBooks Online at tax time. You also likely have business clients using QuickBooks Online, and if you have ever tried to get what you need, it has likely left you frustrated. That’s because Intuit provides a different, free tool for accounting and tax professionals called QuickBooks Online Accountant for you to use to connect to your clients’ QuickBooks Online subscription. It’s important that you learn not only how to use that tool, but also to get tips to advise your clients, or learn about apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Connect is a great place to get all of the training you need, just in time for tax season. Register today!