Get Ready for Tax Season With Lacerte Training

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This year, Intuit’s® Professional Tax Group is making customer training a top priority, and lots of employees are rallying around it! In fact, we are taking Lacerte®on the road, again, so that we can see our customers. We are also enhancing our webinar programs and taking a fresh approach to our online training. We are offering all of this valuable training at no charge.

Our highly experienced team – Kevin Reinard and Richard Beaver – are eager to get on the road and meet you. We’d love to visit as many customers as possible, and this year we’re focusing on key major metropolitan areas in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Mountain View, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. We will continue to evaluate which cities we visit each year.

We’ve got some excellent speakers lined up for the webinar series as well. Mike D’Avolio will be leading a series for Tax Law Updates and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Mike is highly knowledgeable in these areas of our industry and brings a ton of experience with him. In addition, Jim Buffington, CPA, will be leading a webinar series to educate customers in Security and Identity Theft. Both of these training programs have recently been offered live at various tradeshows, and the seats filled up faster than we imagined. Rest assured that there is plenty of room in the webinars for everyone to join. We also want to call out that these particular webinars are not product specific, so feel free to invite your friends and colleagues.

The “What’s New” Webinar series is also being led by Richard Beaver, and while he is on tour, his colleague Brad Douglas will lead these webinars. Brad and Rich both bring experience from our support organization as leading experts of our products.

Finally, we are cooking up some enhancements to our online training program. We will continue to provide video recordings and rich online content that were created in prior years and are still relevant. As the centerpiece to our online training experience, we are testing a cohesive and interactive training experience, where new users of Lacerte can quickly get up to speed. If you are an experienced Lacerte user, you might learn something new as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone, in person or virtually. We hope that everyone enjoys the new online experience and feels confident going into tax season 2015.