Shortcut Keys in Intuit® ProConnect™ Lacerte®

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When working in Intuit® ProConnect™ Lacerte®, there are a number of valuable shortcuts that will save you time and stress.

Click here to see the Lacerte shortcuts. In addition, here are some additional shortcuts:

Opening Modules:

  • Ctrl+Alt+I = Individual
  • Ctrl+Alt+P = Partnership
  • Ctrl+Alt+C = Corporate
  • Ctrl+Alt+S = S-Corporate
  • Ctrl+Alt+F = Fiduciary
  • Ctrl+Alt+E = Exempt Org
  • Ctrl+Alt+T = Estate
  • Ctrl+Alt+G = Gift
  • Ctrl+Alt+B = Benefit Plan

To move within the Detail Input Screen:

  • Spacebar = Mark a checkbox
  • F6 = Change or add a state
  • Ctrl+T OR Alt+ ↓  = Open and expand pre-defined tables

You can also press F2 for a complete list of shortcut keys, found in the Lacerte Assistant under the Shortcut Keys topic.

Visit support for more answers to your Lacerte questions, or read more articles about Lacerte here.