Poll: Which Type of Tax Organizer Will You Use This Tax Season?

Practice Management

While digital tax organizers are increasingly common, many tax professionals and clients still prefer paper organizers. Tell us in the below poll — which do you plan to use to prepare for the coming tax season?

Let us know why you made your choice by leaving a comment below. For more information on tax organizers, read “Tax Organizer Best Practices” by Scott Sloan, CPA.


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  1. ProSeries has a Client Check List built in the software that provides a very good check list of items reported in the previous year and I have provided this to the clients and it works real well! Only problem is that it is a year behind! Meaning the 2018 tax year software has the check list of what happened in 2017 tax return and that means I have to mail it to the client which is expensive. Why don’t they provide that 2018 check list to give the client with their 2017 tax return in the 2017 tax software? This makes more sense. I have mentioned that to ProSeries multiple times and they ignore my suggestions!

  2. I send a paper organizer. I find it easy to keep the form handy while preparing for the season and I can make notes easily. I think my clients feel the same.

  3. I’d love to use the web version of ProSeries, but paying per return is not cost effective for me. Once this changes, I’m all in!

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