Poll: How Often do You Work Remotely?

Practice Management

One of the biggest changes that cloud technology has brought to the tax and accounting industry is that professionals are now able to work from almost anywhere around their own schedules. While many tax and accounting professionals still often work from their office or home, we’ve talked to several who have logged on from their kid’s soccer games, the beach … even Disneyland! Many professionals view cloud technology as a way to be connected to your practice much of the day without missing out important life events. We’d love to hear from you–how much of your day do you spend working in other locations versus your office thanks to cloud technology? Let us know in the poll below!

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  1. I’ve built my accounting business on remote and file hosting/sharing. I only get out of the house face to face with 2 clients one time a month. I have clients all around the country that I have never met.

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