Intuit ProConnect Group Introduces New Updates to ProSeries® and Lacerte® for Tax Year 2018

New tax software for professionals helps tax pros prepare for the upcoming tax season with Intuit

Plano, Texas, November 8, 2018 — Today, Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) is announcing the availability of ProSeries and Lacerte updates for Tax Year 2018. Intuit listens and works closely with tax pros year-round to identify the features and tools they need most, and as a result, is announcing this new software for tax preparers today. The updates will work to improve efficiency, productivity, and performance for tax professionals to better serve their clients.

Tax Reform Ready

Both ProSeries and Lacerte will be up-to-date with IRS-approved tax reform changes, so tax pros can file with complete confidence while facing the biggest tax reform in 30 years. ProSeries will include new IRS forms, worksheets and calculations for the new QBI deduction to help minimize clients’ taxes, a simpler 1040 worksheet so that the majority of entries will be familiar year over year, and in-product client impact tools such as client analyzer queries for business returns. Lacerte will have a new 1040 optimization that seamlessly handles the new postcard-sized return, a client-ready Tax Reform Impact Summary and new Tax Reform related diagnostics to zero in on potential tax reform changes.

Tax pros are also invited to take advantage of Intuit’s recently updated Tax Reform Resource Center for tax reform news and tools, like the QBI Entity Selection Calculator, and in-depth tax reform webinars, as they continue to prepare for the upcoming season.

ProSeries Tax Year 2018 Updates

There are several new features and productivity enhancements for ProSeries, including:

    • New viewing options for Forms in Use: In ProSeries Professional, tax professionals can now customize their view for easier navigation in complex returns, with the option to collapse sub forms, such as K-1 worksheets, asset worksheets and source documents like 1099 or W-2. In addition, the active form will appear in white highlight within the forms bar to help quickly navigate when reviewing returns.
    • Federal business returns added for client queries: Tax pros can now run 18 new client analyzer queries across four types of federal business returns: 1120 Federal Corp, 1120 Federal S Corp, Partnership 1065, and Estates and Trusts. Plus, the option to export reports to Excel – helping increase efficiency and accuracy.
    • Optimized resolution: For high-resolution monitors, text size, buttons, and other elements will now automatically adjust to the screen for a clear view.


  • Customer Service: There will be an enhanced self-help system including help articles and FAQs, peer community answers, and tips.


Overall, there are 89+ new forms and 27+ new e-file capabilities to help tax pros handle complex scenarios in ProSeries. ProSeries Professional will be available for download on November 15 and ProSeries Basic will be available on December 6.


Lacerte Tax Year 2018 Updates

For Lacerte, new features and productivity enhancements, include:

  • Quarterly payment estimates in one step: Support e-filing for four quarterly estimated payments in one transmission step for key states – all with improved estimated payment wizard.
    • Client log access controls: Give firm administrators the ability to decide which staff members have access rights to clear client logs. Gain more control to help avoid unauthorized use of Lacerte software.
    • Unlimited cities in one return: Save time with the ability to file a single return with an unlimited number of cities for these four states:  Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.
    • Security: Includes an additional level of data encryption to help further protect data and in-product security tips.


  • Customer Service: More staff on-hand to take calls, plus, new “Hold My Spot” feature has been added so tax pros won’t have to wait on hold.


In addition, Lacerte has added partner and oil gas data management, partner search acceleration to save time on complex partnership returns, and link enhancements to quickly track each client’s recent activity and update information on their behalf. Lacerte 2018 is now equipped with 107+ new forms and 59+ new e-file capabilities to handle complex scenarios and is available for download.

Be sure to visit your Personalized Training Portal, to find training modules with content, videos and webinars about these features and more tax professional software. For more information about Lacerte® and ProSeries® please visit


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