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Dramatic shifts in the tax and accounting profession mean that your role is changing. That’s why we’re building a groundbreaking platform designed to keep you ahead of the curve, and in the driver’s seat as your clients’ trusted advisor.


The platform draws together three key components centered around you: automation technology, data-driven insights, and an ecosystem of connected services.


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Technology to fuel next-level work.


You soon can take your practice to new heights with fully automated workflows built on the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform is being designed to help you completely eliminate time-consuming, manual compliance tasks to free up your time for valuable advisory work.

Data and insights to fuel difference-making advice.


You’ll tap into personalized insights, harnessed from vast data, all waiting for you inside your tax software. It will be analyzed and served up to you, so you can give your clients laser-focused guidance that impacts their financial wellbeing year-round — not just at month-end or tax time.

An ecosystem to fuel your prosperity, your way.


You’ll have more options than ever with connected apps that let you customize your experience, plus an expanded ProAdvisor program that lets you get certifications, training and new clients. You’ll be able to gain more revenue or even delegate work through Live opportunities that amplify your potential.

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