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How to create PDF organizers in ProConnect Tax

SOLVEDby IntuitProConnect Tax84Updated December 22, 2021

Now you can create PDF organizers inside of Intuit Link to get your clients ready for tax time.

Your letterhead will display the firm name you set in Intuit Link settings. Choose Intuit Link in the main navigation, click on Settings in the top right corner of the screen, and then edit the firm name in the Firm information section.

You can still create a customized checklist based on prior year returns. See the "Create a personalized checklist" section below for more details.

You can include IRS news in the Engagement letter portion of your organizer.

You can save time with organizer templates you can reuse for all your clients.

Follow these steps to create a custom template:

  1. Select Intuit Link on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click on Settings at the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down to the Organizer templates section.
    • If you used the PDF checklist before it was a part of Intuit Link, we saved a copy of your old checklist here for reference.
  4. Click Create a new template to start an organizer template from scratch, or click Duplicate on a Quickstart template to modify it.
  5. Select Edit to make changes to any part of the organizer, as needed.
  1. On your Tax Returns list, click the down arrow next to View return.
  2. Select Collect data - PDF to open the organizer panel for this client.
  3. Choose the Organizer template you want to send.
  4. Use the checkboxes to select which items to include in the organizer.
  5. Click Edit on the Document checklist to customize it based on an existing return.
  6. To save the organizer as a PDF, click the Export or print PDF button.

Once you save the PDF, click Continue to send the organizer through Intuit Link, or Cancel. If you don’t send the organizer to your client through Intuit Link, it won’t be saved in ProConnect Tax —just the PDF you download or print.

You can automatically create document checklists based on documents used in prior year returns.

Follow these steps to create a personalized document checklist:

  1. Select Edit in the Document checklist portion of the organizer.
  2. Choose a tax return from the dropdown menu to populate the checklist with documents based on that return.

If you used the PDF checklist last year, you’re probably wondering what’s changed and if you can still do everything you could before.

If you used the PDF checklist before it was part of Intuit Link, we saved a copy of it for your reference. See the "Customize your templates" section below for details.

If you prefer to print a longer blank client organizer instead, we offer copies of blank, condensed, and extended organizers in PDF format. Use the links below to view or print your organizer:

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