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Intuit Tax Advisor vs. ProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners

SOLVEDby Intuit1Updated June 16, 2023

This article will help you know the differences between Intuit Tax Advisor and the Intuit Tax Advisor and Lacerte Tax Planners.

How is Intuit Tax Advisor different from ProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners?

ProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners only project taxable income and tax liability and is limited to four types of premade tax plans: a year/case analysis, difference analysis, Married Filing Jointly/Married Filing Separately comparison, and adjustment analysis.

Intuit Tax Advisor provides customizable tax-saving strategies and insights in areas like retirement savings, business expenses, income and deductions, timing, higher education, and shifting income between entities. More importantly, Intuit Tax Advisor shows estimated tax savings for each of those recommended strategies. Currently, Intuit Tax Advisor only projects the current tax year, while ProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners projects multiple years.

Can Intuit Tax Advisor replace ProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners?

Intuit Tax Advisor can meet your tax planning needs for most of your clients without the need to also use ProConnect or Lacerte Tax Planners. It provides a federal and state tax projection that includes ‌tax saving strategies. (State strategies aren't included at this time). For most clients, Intuit Tax Advisor allows users to make changes and apply strategies drastically faster than ProConnect or Lacerte Tax Planners with a more visually appealing report. 

Intuit Tax Advisor does allow users to create reusable custom strategies to capture estimated tax savings to include in the report. Some complex strategies are not yet included. For impacted clients, you may wish to continue to use ProConnect or Lacerte Tax Planners.

Intuit Tax Advisor vs. ProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners Comparison Chart

Features Intuit Tax AdvisorProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners
Create pre-strategy baseline scenarioYesYes
Current year planningYesYes
Data sync with Lacerte and/or ProConnect individual tax returnsYesYes, with their respective tax product
Estimate Federal tax liabilityYesYes
Estimate taxable incomeYesYes
Add, remove or modify tax strategies to view impactYesNo
Apply strategies to activity and tax input field levelYesNo
Cloud based, always updated with current tax updatesYesNo
Create custom tax strategies to re-use with clientsYesNo
Estimate primary residence state tax liability for all statesYesNo
Estimate tax savings by strategyYesNo
Estimate tax strategy cash outlay requiredYesNo
Multi-strategy planningYesNo
Tax insights and strategy recommendations from tax return dataYesNo
Multi-case scenario planningNoYes
Multi-year planningNoYes
Reporting Intuit Tax AdvisorProConnect and Lacerte Tax Planners
Customize pages to include in reportYesYes
Client education and action items by strategyYesNo
Personalize firm logo and colorsYesNo
Professional looking client-friendly reportsYesNo
Showcase the advisor's expertise and tax saving valueYesNo
Tax planning proposal with optional fee ROIYesNo
Tax savings by strategyYesNo
Compliance oriented worksheetsNoYes

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