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Understanding Oregon Form OR-ASC other addition and subtraction codes

SOLVEDby IntuitLacerte Tax26Updated August 12, 2022

This article will assist you with understanding Oregon's other addition and other subtraction codes from Schedule OR-ASC, Oregon Adjustments for Form OR-40 Filers. Information in this article is taken from the Publication OR-CODES.

Additions are items the federal government doesn’t tax but Oregon does. For detailed information, see Publication OR-17.

Step 1: Complete the table in Section 1 with the code and amount reported for each addition. Each code should only be listed once.
Step 2: Fill in the total of all additions. Enter this amount on Form OR-40, line 8.

Subtractions are items the federal government taxes but Oregon doesn’t. See below for information regarding commonly claimed subtractions. For detailed information, see Publication OR-17.

Step 1: Complete the table in Section 2 with the code and amount reported for each subtraction that isn’t listed on the return. Each code should only be listed once.
Step 2: Fill in the total of all subtractions. Enter this amount on Form OR-40, line 13.

Oregon Adjustments - Schedule OR-ASC-NP, Section 1 only.

002Certain business expenses of reservists, performing artists, and fee-basis government officials–Form 1040, Schedule 1, Line 24XX
003Health savings account deduction—Form 1040, Schedule 1, Line 25XX
004Penalty on early withdrawal of savings—Form 1040, Schedule 1, Line 30XX
005Write-in adjustments on Form 1040, Schedule 1, Line 36, or Form 1040NR, Line 34XX

Oregon Additions - Schedule OR-ASC, Section 1 or OR-ASC-NP, Section 2.

103Claim of right income repaymentsX
106Disposition of inherited Oregon farmland or forestlandXXX
107Federal election on interest and dividends of a minor childXXX
109Federal income tax refundsX
116Net operating loss—non-Oregon sourceXXX
117Oregon 529 college savings plan nonqualified withdrawalXXX
118Oregon deferral of reinvested capital gainXXX
119Partnership and S corporation modifications for OregonXXX
122Business credit—unusedXXX
123Federal subsidies for employer prescription drug plansXXX
131Federal law disconnectXXX
1323Accumulation distribution from certain domestic trustsXXX
133Fiduciary adjustment from Oregon estates and trustsXXX
134Gambling losses claimed as an itemized deductionX
135Oregon-only Schedule A itemsX
136Refund of Oregon-only Schedule A items from a prior yearX
137Individual development account nonqualified withdrawalXXX
138Oregon IDA Initiative Fund donation credit add-backX
139Lump-sum distribution from a qualified retirement planXXX
140Passive foreign investment company incomeXXX
142Child Care Fund contributionsX
144Oregon Production Investment Fund contributionsX
145Renewable Energy Development Fund contributionsX
146University Venture Development Fund contributionsX
148Income taxes paid to another stateXXX
150Basis of business assets transferred to OregonXXX
151Depletion in excess of property basisXXX
152Depreciation difference for OregonXXX
153Federal depreciation disconnectXXX
154Gain or loss on sale of depreciable property with different basis for OregonXXX
155Passive activity lossesXXX
156Suspended lossesXXX
157Federal estate tax on income in respect of a decedentX
158Interest on state and local government bonds outside of OregonXXX
159Federal subtraction for retirement savings rollover from individual development accountXXX
160Charitable donations not allowed for OregonX
161Nonresident capital loss carryoversXXX
163WFHDC medical expensesX
164ABLE account nonqualified withdrawalXXX
165College Opportunity Grant contributionsX
184Repatriated foreign incomeXXX

Subtractions - Schedule OR-ASC, Section 2 or OR-ASC-NP, Section 3.

300American IndianXXX
301Artist's charitable contributionX
303Construction worker and logger commuting expensesXXX
306Federal gain previously taxed by OregonXXX
307Federal pension incomeXXX
308Tuition and feesXXX
309Federal income tax from a prior yearX
310Fiduciary adjustments from Oregon estates and trustsXXX
311Foreign taxX
314Individual development account contributionsXXX
315Interest and dividends on U.S. bonds and notesXXX
316Land donation to educational institutionsXXX
317Interest from state and local government bondsXXX
319Military active duty payXXX
320Mortgage interest creditX
321Net operating loss for OregonXXX
322Oregon lottery winningsXXX
323Partnership and S corporation modifications for OregonXXX
324Oregon 529 college savings plan depositXXX
325Oregon income tax refundXX
327Previously taxed employee retirement plansXXX
329Public Safety Memorial Fund awardXXX
330Railroad Retirement Board benefits: tier 2, windfall/vested dual, supplemental, and railroad unemployment benefitsXXX
331U.S. government interest in IRA or Keogh distributionsXXX
333Scholarship awards used for housing expensesXXX
335Legislative Assembly salary and expensesXXX
336Film production labor rebate—Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate FundXXX
338Mobile home park capital gainXXX
339Capital Construction Fund (CCF) contributionsXXX
340Federal business and health coverage creditsXXX
341Income on a composite returnXX
342Oregon Investment AdvantageXXX
344Mobile home tenant paymentXXX
347Taxable benefits for former RDPsXXX
348Previously taxed IRA conversionsXXX
350Discharge of indebtednessXXX
351Special Oregon medicalXXX
352DISC dividend paymentsXXX
354Depreciation di erence for OregonXXX
355Gain or loss on sale of depreciable property with di erent basis for OregonXXX
356Passive activity lossesXXX
357Suspended lossesXXX
358Basis of business assets transferred to OregonXXX
359Marijuana business expenses not allowed on the federal returnXXX
360ABLE account depositXXX

Modifications - Schedule OR-ASC-NP, Section 4 only.

600Artist’s charitable contribution <X
601Federal income tax refundsXX
602Federal tax from a prior yearXX
603Foreign taxXX
604Gambling losses claimed as an itemized deduction +XX
605Federal estate tax on income in respect of a decedent +XX
607Federal mortgage interest creditXX
609Federal business and health coverage creditsXX
642Child Care Fund contributions +XX
644Oregon Production Investment Fund contributions +XX
645Renewable Energy Development Fund contributions +XX
646University Development Venture Fund contributions +XX
648Oregon IDA Initiative Fund donation credit add-back +XX
649Claim of right income repayment +XX
650Charitable donations not allowed for Oregon +XX
651WFHDC medical expenses +XX
652College Opportunity Grant contributions +XX

+Must be entered as a negative number.

Standard Credits - Schedule OR-ASC, Section 3 or OR-ASC-NP, Section 5.

802Income taxes paid to another stateXX
806Mutually-taxed gain on the sale of residential propertyXXX
807Oregon Cultural Trust contributionsXPRPR
808Oregon Veterans' Home physiciansXPRPR
809Political contributionsXX
810Reservation enterprise zoneXPRPR
811Retirement incomeXXX
812Rural emergency medical techniciansXPRPR
813Rural health practitionersXPRPR
815Pass-through income taxes paid to another stateXXX

PR indicates a credit that must be prorated

Carryforwad credits - Schedule OR-ASC, Section 4 or OR-ASC-NP, Section 6.

835Agriculture workforce housingXPRPR
838Biomass production/collection carryforwardXPRPR
839Business energy carryforwardXXX
840Child and dependent care carryforwardXPRPR
841Child Care Fund contributionsXXX
843Crop donationXPRPR
845Electronic commerce zone investmentXPRPR
846Employer-provided dependent care assistance carryforwardXXPR
847Employer scholarshipXPRPR
849Energy conservation projectsXXX
850Fish screening devicesXPRPR
852Oregon IDA Initiative Fund donationXXX
855Oregon Low Income Community Jobs Initiative/New MarketsXXX
856Oregon Production Investment Fund contributionsXXX
857Pollution control facilities carryforwardXXX
859Renewable Energy Development Fund contributions carryforwardXXX
860Renewable energy resource equipment manufacturing facility carryforwardXXX
861Residential energyXPRPR
863Transportation projectsXXX
864University Venture Development Fund contributionsXPRPR
865Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fund contributions carryforwardXXX
867Reforestation of underproductive forestlandsXXX
868Rural technology workforce developmentXPRPR
869Bovine manure production/collectionXPRPR
871College Opportunity Grant contributionsXXX

PR indicates a credit that must be prorated.

Carryforwad credits available only to S corporate shareholders.

836Agriculture workforce housing loans (S corporation)XXX
837Alternative quali ed research activities carryforward (S corporation)XXX
842Contribution of computers or scienti c equipment for research carryforward (S corporation)XXX
854Lender’s credit: a ordable housing (S corporation)XXX
848Lender’s credit: energy conservation carryforward (S corporation)XXX
853Long-term enterprise zone facilities carryforward (S corporation)XXX
858Qualified research activities carryforward (S corporation)XXX

Refundable credits - Schedule OR-ASC, Section 5 or OR-ASC-NP, Section 7.

890Claim of rightXPRPR
891Mobile home park closureXXX
895Working family household and dependent care (WFHDC)XPRPR

PR indicates a credit that must be prorated

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