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Common questions about using Right Networks for Intuit Hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

This article answers the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and topics:

How do I use Right Networks on multiple monitors?

By default, the Right Networks shortcut will use one monitor. On computers with 2 (dual monitor) to 4 monitors, this shortcut can be edited to use all of your monitors. Currently, the maximum resolution per screen is 1920x1080.

  1. On your local desktop right-click on your Right Networks.rdp shortcut and select Edit.
    • Windows 11 users will need to select Show more options first to see Edit.
  2. Go to the Display tab.
  3. Under Display configuration, check the Use all my monitors for the remote session box.
  4. Go to the General tab.
  5. Select Save.
    • You won't see a confirmation. This window can be closed after you save.
    • If you minimized the hosted environment to do these steps, you'll need to Logoff and reconnect for all monitors to be used.

How do I pin a shortcut to the Taskbar in Right Networks?

If you want to unpin a shortcut from the Taskbar, you'll need to call to speak with an Intuit Hosting expert.

For more information on how to contact Lacerte, as well as our operating hours, see here.

For more information on how to contact ProSeries, as well as our operating hours, see here.

To pin a shortcut to the Taskbar:

  1. Open your Windows File Explorer in Right Networks.
  2. Open This PC on the left side.
  3. Open Desktop.
  4. Single-click to select the program you want to pin.
  5. From the Manage tab, select Pin to taskbar.

How to resolve the error: This app has been blocked by your system administrator

This error occurs when you were logged in to your Remote Desktop at the time you installed the program that you are trying to open. To resolve this error, follow these instructions:

  1. Log out of Right Networks using the red log off button on your Remote Desktop.
    • If you do not have this icon, right-click on the Start Menu then choose Sign Out.
  2. Log back into your Remote Desktop and open the program again.

How do I unpin an item from Quick Access in File Explorer?

  1. Open File Explorer in Right Networks.
  2. From the File tab, click the unpin icon under Frequent Places.
  3. Close and re-open File Explorer.

Helpful keyboard shortcuts

Mac keyboards use Command ⌘ instead of Ctrl.

  • Copy:
    • Ctrl + C
  • Cut:
    • Ctrl + X
  • Paste:
    • Ctrl + V
  • Create New Folder:
    • Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Select All:
    • Ctrl + A
  • Move the selected window to another monitor:
    • Windows + Shift + left or right arrow key (← or →)

Why are my keyboard shortcuts not working?

  1. On your local desktop right-click on your Right Networks icon.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select the Local Resources tab.
  4. In the Keyboard section, under 'Apply Windows key combinations' check your selection in the dropdown menu.
    • Example: If you do not use your Remote Desktop in Full-Screen view make sure you do not have the 'Only when using the full screen' choice selected in the dropdown.
  5. From the General tab, select Save.

Why does the Right Networks File Manager website say no root folders defined?

This occurs when the user does not have a package assigned to them.

To fix this issue, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to the Right Networks My Account portal.
  2. Select the Packages & Add-ons tab.
  3. Under Packages select the tax package name.
  4. Select the Assign Users to Package button.
  5. Choose the users that need access, then assign the package.

"This user already exists" when attempting to add a user on My Account:

This occurs when the user you are trying to add has recently been removed from the My Account page. The removal and re-add process takes 15-30 minutes, after waiting this time try to re-add the user again.

Why do my drives have a red bar?

The bar indicates how much space has been used. While it may appear that you are running out of space, Right Networks uses dynamic resource allocation and automatically provides additional space when needed.

How can I get to Mouse Properties to change the mouse settings to left-handed?

If you need to change mouse settings, follow these steps to get to Mouse Properties in the hosted environment:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
    Control Panel_INTHost_US_Ext_062322.png
  2. Select Mouse.
    Control Panel Mouse_INTHost_US_Ext_062322.png
  3. Make the desired changes, select Apply, and then choose OK.
    • Left-handed users will usually check the Switch primary and secondary buttons on the Buttons tab.
      Mouse Switch Buttons_INTHost_US_Ext_062322.png

What are the system requirements?

Click here for the system requirements.

If I work on my returns on my local computer, will they also be updated in the hosted environment? Or vice versa?

No. These are two separate environments. Client information is not automatically shared or synced between separate environments.

Additional Resources

New users may also benefit from viewing the article Intuit Hosting new user's guide to Right Networks.

For further help on Right Networks related issues click here for the Right Networks knowledgebase or see the Right Networks Frequently Asked Support Questions.

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