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How to resolve the Lacerte error - Unable to initialize tax import, feature unavailable

SOLVEDby IntuitLacerte Tax3Updated July 13, 2022

This article will help resolve the following error when trying to open Lacerte: "Unable to initialize tax import. Feature will be unavailable."

Potential causes for this message:

Lacerte is running on a network drive

Issues might occur if the Lacerte program path is located on a network drive. Lacerte needs to be installed on a local drive such as C:.

  1. On the desktop, right-select the shortcut for Lacerte and choose Properties.
  2. In the Shortcut tab, look at the Target line and Start in line. If these are showing a network path, change both of these lines to the local drive.
    • For example: X:Lacerte20taxw20tax.exe should be C:Lacerte20taxw20tax.exe
  3. Select OK.
  4. If the program doesn't open, go to ?:Lacerte##taxSetup## on the network drive, where ? = the letter of the network drive and ## = the year of the program.
  5. Run the TaxSetup.exe file and make sure the workstation path is set to C:Lacerte20tax.

Lacerte needs to be reinstalled

  1. Close the error message and use F10 in Lacerte to open Technical Support Information.
  2. Note the System File Path on the System Information tab and close the program.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the path noted above.
  4. Rename the Setup?? folder, where ?? = the year of the program, to Setup??-old.
  5. Go to the Start menu > Programs > Lacerte > 20?? Lacerte Web Setup.
  6. Once that completes, open the program and make sure the error is gone.

The .NET Framework may need to be installed or repaired

If none of the above solutions help, issues with the Microsoft .NET Framework may cause this message.

Refer to Repairing or reinstalling the Microsoft .NET Framework for general instructions on resolving .NET issues. You'll need to know which version(s) of .NET needs to be addressed:

  • For Lacerte 2011 and earlier, use .NET Framework 3.5 and 1.1.

Installing or repairing the .NET Framework is outside the scope of Lacerte support as it's a Microsoft component. If you require assistance with the .NET Framework, contact your IT or Microsoft support.

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