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How to renew ProSeries for tax year 2022

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Online renewal is currently available for tax year 2022.

Before you start:

  • If you forgot your password—or want to reset it—refer to this article for instructions.

Table of contents:

Renew online through your account
Enroll in Auto Renewal
How to opt out of Auto Renewal
Learn about the Deferred Payment Option

Renew online through your account

  1. Access your online renewal through your renewal email or sign in to My Account.
  2. If your login is associated with multiple Customer Account Numbers, you'll see a Select an Account screen after logging in.
  3. Choose the account you need to renew and click Select.
  4. From the Dashboard, select Renew Now to view your renewal quote.

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  1. Review included products and totals.
  2. Click Continue to Renewal.

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  1. Review your order information.
  2. Review your firm information and shipping address, making changes as needed.
  3. Select Next.

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  1. Review your Payment Method and Billing Address, or make any changes as needed.
  2. Select your Billing Preferences, and then click Next.

PCG_renewal_ps-lsc_001.pngUser-added image

  1. Review your Order Fulfillment and select Download Software or Download Software + CD.
  2. Reciew the products in the Order Summary.
    • If you want to make changes with the products ordered, contact Customer Service.
  3. Select Complete Checkout to submit your order.
    • Your credit card or bank account will be charged upon order submission. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address we have on file.

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Enroll in Auto Renewal

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Go to Billing ⮕ Auto-renew.

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  1. Review your payment method and address.
  2. Check the box to acknowledge the auto renewal Terms and Conditions.
  3. Select Enroll Now.
    • We'll send you an email notification as a reminder before billing.

How to opt out of Auto Renewal

If you would like to opt out of auto renewal, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to My Account
  2. Go to Billing ⮕ Auto-renew
  3. On the right hand side, below your Payment information, there will be a box that tells you the current status of your auto renewal. Select Opt out of auto renewal to begin the process.

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Learn about the Deferred Payment Option

The Deferred Payment Option lets you pay off the cost of your ProSeries software in manageable installments with your credit or debit card, or electronic funds transfer. Refer to this article for instructions on opting into deferred payments.

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If you need assistance with online renewal, please call our sales team at 800-934-1040.

Related topics

This article covers all things for renewing ProSeries customers. Use the quick navigation links to locate information on the renewal process, potential errors and troubleshooting.

Key Dates
Taking Payments
Common Issues when Renewing Online

Key Dates

Invoice Dates for Spring:

  • End of Season Thank You Email:  4/22/2022
  • Spring Preview Email: 4/28/2022
  • PS UNL Direct Mail invoice:   will be shipped out on4/28/2022 and will be received by customers anytime during the following week to 10 days
  • First UNL Emailed invoice:  5/10/2022
  • PS PPR Direct Mail Invoice:  will be shipped out on 6/08/2022 and will be received by customers anytime during the following week to 10 days
  • First PPR/Basic Emailed invoice:  6/16/2022
  • 1 week UNL ERD reminder: 6/2/2022
  • 24 hour UNL ERD reminder:  6/8/2022
  • PS UNL ERD deadline:  6/9/2022

Invoice Dates for Fall:

  • Direct Mail  TBD
  • 1 week PPR/ Basic ERD reminder: 9/21/2022
  • 24 hour PPR/Basic ERD reminder:  9/27/2022

Early Renewal Discount period ends for:

  • ProSeries Unlimited – June 9, 2022
  • PPR & Basic – September 28, 2022

AutoRenew Shut Off:  TBD

AutoRenew Billing Dates

  • AR1 – Week of Nov 7 -  FDH date for changes 10/12
  • AR2 (legacy) - Week of Dec 5 -   FDH date for  changes 11/18
  • AR3 (legacy) - Week of Jan 9 - FDH date for changes 12/15
  • AR6 (FTC) - Week of Nov 1

Release Dates:

Professional: - Week of Nov 7th (Headstart release for download)
Basic: - Week of Dec 5th (Headstart release for download)

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Under Additional Information, click View Pricing Entitlements link to see any Entitlements on the account and Expiration Dates

User-added image

User-added image

  • Entitlements  - offered by Account Managers only. Can be provided due to:
    • New User - First time users have a longer period to see a return on their investment based on several factors.
    • Concessions
    • FTC - Contracts offering a percentage or other discount for multiple years.


View the Quote to see if any promotions have been added.

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ERD (Early Renewal Discount)

  • Offered when the product is first available to renew.
  • Available to all customers that renew by the deadline.
  • Are on the quote in the form of a promotion.
  • There are no discounts outside of ERD. Make sure you are not setting the expectation that by speaking to anyone else, there may be a possibility of a larger or different discount.
  • Customer service agents can complete an order entered by an Account Manager but cannot extend discounts.
  • Go over the quote prior to order placement to assure agreement for products/pricing.
  • Any inconsistencies must be handled by the Account Manager.
  • Should a customer request a CS Tier 2 or Specialist prior to renewal, check cases. If contact has not been made since the last renewal season, use the verbiage below to inform customers you can assist.
  • “ I understand that you spoke with _____ last year and they were able to extend a courtesy for you. This year, we diligently made sure that everyone’s renewal would have a very minimal price increase. Due to this, there is no one, including ____ that can authorize any further discounting of the product because it is already priced at the lowest possible point. ____ also does not have the ability to extend the early renewal discount, as this offer has expired and once that promotion is gone from the system, there is just no way to apply that expired discount to the order.

AR (Auto Renewal)

  • Allow the customer to get a discount (ERD) by agreeing to Auto Renew at the same time each year and with the same products.
  • The date Auto Renewal occurs is based on the customers preference when signing up via My Account.
  • A notification email will be sent prior to AR billing as a reminder.

Lacerte for ProSeries Users

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Taking Payments

The information below should not be proactively offered to customers but used to answer questions and provide assistance for Customers requesting to use more than one Credit Card, split a payment, etc.

Single Line Items (ProSeries Federal or ProSeries Professional/Basic Fast Path) 

  • Credit/Debit cards or EFT
    • Multiple payments on a single line can not be processed.
  • Paper Checks
    • Can be used but must be mailed in. Customer Service agents cannot enter paper check information; the error Check Number is required is returned when attempting. Inform customers the order is not placed and no product is released until the check is posted and the quote is submitted.
    • Customers using this payment method should write the quote number on each check.
    • If customer begins an order with a paper check, no other method can be used.

Multiple Line Items (several items listed on the Quote)

  • Quotes with multiple line items can be separated for customer convenience.
    • Go over the quote with the customer to ascertain which items should be moved to reach the expected total.
    • Once quotes have been split, go over each quote and the payment method prior to submitting.

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Common Issues when Renewing

ProSeries customers who are unable to sign up for Auto Renewal (Error 500)This error is the result of an issue with Contacts or Billing Profiles.

  1. Check the Contacts tab for duplicates.
  2. Ask for the email or user id used to login to My Account.
  3. See Creating and Verifying an Online Account to determine if the email or user id is associated with the correct Auth ID.
    • If email or user id is associated with the correct Auth ID in Salesforce, delete the duplicate Contacts. (Make sure the other logins are not used for QEF)
    • If email or user id does not match, locate Auth ID that is associated with the email or user id. (Use Contacts tab to match them up)
  4. Ensure the correct Contact is associated with the Primary Billing Profile.
  5. Have customer log out and back in to test.

Quote not showing in My Account

If a customer does not have a quote visible online it could be for the following reasons:

  1. The renewal quote has already been submitted online or from Salesforce.
    • Check Salesforce for renewal quote status. This information is also visible on the My Account Homepage.
  2. Manual changes have been made to the quote in Salesforce.
    • Agents changes to quotes within Salesforce do not flow to the website. Instead it is designed to create a new quote at each My Account login.
  3. The Saleforce account that corresponds with My Account does not have a renewal quote.
    • You will have to manually create a renewal quote and submit from Salesforce. Manually created quotes cannot be made visible online.
  4. Verify the CAN appearing in My Account is the same as the CAN in Salesforce when trying to resolve why a quote is not visible online.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Contact who is renewing should only be listed once and have a singular login (not multiple logins).
  • The login that the Contact is using should be tied to the Billing Profile Contact (same CACI).
  • The Billing Profile that is going to be used must be the Primary Billing Profile in Siebel. (Can't use Not_Provided).
  • The Billing Profile cannot be one that is set to expire prior to that renewal date.

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