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Common questions for Fiduciary Estimated Tax and Extension Payments in ProConnect

SOLVEDby IntuitUpdated August 09, 2023
  1. Open Input Return Payments, Penalties & Extensions Estimates (1041-ES).
  2. For the 1st Quarter, enter the amount paid in 1st Quarter: Amount Paid.
  3. Enter the amount applied to the beneficiaries in 1st Quarter: Applied to Beneficiary.
  4. (Optional) Enter the date the payment was made, if it is different from the due date on the voucher in 1st Quarter: Date.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each quarter and for each of the Additional Estimated Tax Payments.

Note: The program will allocate estimates to the beneficiaries proportionate to their share of ordinary income. If there is no ordinary income distributed, then the estimates will not be automatically distributed and must be entered in Percentage Overrides [Override]: ES Payments Applied (xxx.xxxx), or Trust Payments of Estimated Taxes (Adjust) (Input Return Sch. K-1 Schedule K-1 Overrides/Misc. Less Common Scenarios Tab > Percentage Overrides)

  1. Open Input Return Payments, Penalties & Extensions Estimates (1041-ES).
  2.  select Next Yr. Estimated Tax tab.
  3. Enter the estimated tax payments in the [Next Year] Estimated Tax override fields. Enter -1 to set a payment to zero. If you override fewer than four quarters, the program adjusts the remaining quarters to reflect the difference between the calculated estimated tax and the overridden payment amounts.

Note: When a taxpayer is not in an estimated tax situation but wants to apply part of a refund to estimated tax in the next year. Enter the amount to apply to the upcoming year in Apply overpayment to [Next Year] and the same amount in [Next Year] Estimated Tax [Override]. To override specific estimated tax payments, make entries in [Next Year] Estimates - Quarterly Payments [Override].

  1. Open Input Return Payments, Penalties & Extensions Estimates (1041-ES)
  2. select Next Yr. Estimated Tax tab.
  3. In Estimate option (Click on arrow to select from list) [Override] select 8=Print Blank Estimates. You cannot apply an overpayment when printing blank estimates.
  1. Open Input Return Payments, Penalties & Extensions Estimates (1041-ES)
  2. Select [Current Year] Estimated Tax Payments tab.
  3. Enter the amount paid with the extension request in Paid with Extension: Amount Paid.
  4. Enter the date the amount was paid in Paid with Extension: Date

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