Jessica Franz
Erie, Colorado

Customer since: 2016
Employees: 3
Returns per year: 50+
Started practice: 2016

Small to medium size businesses in various industries.

"I fell in love with accounting and really learned I had a talent for accounting during college at the University of Colorado. I’m currently the Owner and President at Online Bookkeeping Inc. In existence for 12 years, Online Bookkeepng Inc is primarily focused on accounting services, bookkeeping, and consulting.  During the last few years, our segment of tax services grew, putting pressure on me to create a separate tax service entity.  Thus, Online Tax LLC was born and officially became a licensed CPA firm in Colorado at the beginning of 2016.   I love the concept of our firm and the benefits that we can offer to our staff and clients. Being able to promote that is one of the best things of owning my own firm.  Our firm is completely cloud-based with all staff working from their home based offices. 



Our clients benefit from anytime, anywhere access to our knowledgeable and talented staff.  Our employees benefit from working from home and being able to achieve a true work-life balance.  The benefits certainly outweigh the obstacles. 

As a young CPA in the industry, one of my biggest priorities is staying on top of the latest and best technology out there.  Our firm is completely cloud based.  I have used ATX and Lacerte in the past, but after learning more about ProConnect Tax Online, it was the clear next step for our firm to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the accounting industry. 

A number of the motivating factors was the ease of use, the ability to connect with my staff and clients across the county, and the low cost barrier for use.  After this first full season use of ProConnect Tax Online, those motivating factors all came to fruition - our overhead costs are down, employee productivity up, and we have maintained a high level of customer satisfaction.  

My staff and client base is located throughout the country.  ProConnect Tax Online helps me to quickly and easily connect to them.  The ease of collecting documents through Link, tracking progress, connecting to our bookkeeping clients through Quickbooks Online, and sending and collecting E-file signatures have created a very stream-lined and efficient preparation process.  Again, keeping overhead down and timelines shortened.   We’re excited to use ProConnect Tax Online for the upcoming tax season!"


"In our first year as a tax firm, ProConnect Tax Online helped my firm grow and stay competitive by offering cutting edge technology."


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