Jackie Meyer
Southlake, Texas

Customer since: 2012
Employees: 5
Returns per year: 150
Started practice: 2010

Executives including small business owners or CEOs of large companies

I knew early on that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own business as an accountant. I absolutely love playing detective and thrived in a field that most shy away. The constant mental challenge and appreciation clients had hooked me, along with the idea of controlling my own destiny.

In 2010, at the age of 27, I decided to pursue that innate drive as an entrepreneur and started my own firm. Holding myself to my own standards versus living for someone else’s is liberating, although instead of having one boss I technically have about 150 by being accountable to every client which is more weight on my shoulders than I ever anticipated.



I love being able to find apps to make us more efficient each day, but there are growing pains as my staff grew to 8 last year.  ProConnect Tax Online’s ease of access, no server, and price point per return were what really drove me to the choose the product.

I had used the three main competing products over the years-Lacerte, ProSeries, and Pfx Tax, and once I tested that ProConnect Tax Online could do just as well with technical tax concepts as any of the others, I jumped in and never looked back. Even though I had used CCH for two years, the price they gave me to use the software for my own firm was horrendous, and I had to have a dedicated laptop for other staff to login to remotely to access the software. Constant backups of the data were a nightmare.

It just doesn’t jive with growing firm’s needs so I was on the search for a web based tax software platform and ProConnect Tax Online was free to try. I wanted to be on the next great thing technology wise, and I could tell Intuit was on the cutting edge.

ProConnect Tax Online helps me keep my practice completely paperless by producing PDF returns, providing those returns for electronic signature, and collecting organizer data online from the client – this saves me a lot of time! There was no initial cost to start my firm other than a domain name, website hosting fees, and my LinkedIn marketing budget. Since I collect retainers up front for all work, I was already paid by the time I needed to efile a return and pay ProConnect Tax Online. I don’t think I would have started my company if I didn’t have the reasonable price point and support of Intuit’s products and innovation. Intuit is a company that understands success cannot come without many, potentially failed, attempts, and gets better with each one. The customer support being locally based here in Texas is wonderful, and I can’t live without chat support (although the product was so great this busy season that I didn’t use it once).

I have used ProConnect Tax Online now for almost 4 years and there’s still no other professional tax product that is fully web based. I’ll never switchI I would like to tell my peers to just do it! Why continue the insanity of a clunky expensive server based system that’s going nowhere? Convert a return, test it, see for yourself the ease of use and quality. 


“ProConnect Tax Online allows me to work faster and more efficiently, which has enabled me to foster deeper relationships with my clients."


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