Phani Ilapakurty
Dallas, Texas

Customer since: 2010
Employees: 25 and growing
Returns per year: 350 returns
Started practice: 2010

Technology, consulting and health care industry.

F&A and Tax runs in my blood. Both my Grandfather and Uncle were successful assurance specialists in India. Naturally, I gravitated towards it and got educated in accounting and assurance. I am an internationally qualified F&A specialist, certified fraud examiner and Enrolled Agent with IRS. What I love most about being in practice is the opportunity to advice diverse small businesses beyond tax preparation and being an integral part of their growth. The first client that we signed up came to us when they were around 10-15 resources, today they have 400+ resources globally – they were our first client and now they are one of our largest clients.



In 2010, I decided to start on my own after working for many years with Big 4 firms, E&Y and Deloitte and serving many Fortune 500 companies as trusted adviser to finance, accounting and assurance departments. I started with ZERO clients and signed up a three-year lease on my office.

I wanted the burden of the office lease to drive me to go get the clients to meet my rental expense. Coming from a technology savvy consulting background, I was always on a look out for solutions that will enable the practice to work from anywhere, anytime. I knew early on, that if I had to scale quickly and earn the trust of clients I had to choose a software that allowed me to be at multiple places at once – ProConnect Tax Online provides just that.

The biggest obstacle I had in starting my practice was making sure I had the right technology to set up my firm in a way I can scale my practice and serve clients spread across USA. I started off using ProSeries for tax prep work, however my search for an online solution was always there even when we were 20-25 clients. I knew I needed a solution that would be cloud based and Intuit ProConnect was the best solution possible to manage the tax prep work from anywhere, anytime and even from my iPhone. Another thing I love about ProConnect Tax Online is the pricing, which includes multi-state returns. This allows me to serve many of my clients that operate in multiple states at an affordable price. I am impressed by ProConnect support overall and the product management team's respect for my inputs to enhance the product functionality & experience. Additionally, I feel safe knowing ProConnect Tax Online is an Intuit product and would provide high standards when it comes to Data Privacy and IT Security.


“My practice wouldn’t be where it is today if I didn’t have the ability to work on the go anytime and anywhere."


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