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Offered in partnership with Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG), QuickCollect for Intuit ProSeries Tax gives your clients the option to pay you out of their refund.

They'll get their refund faster and you can rest easy knowing you will get paid at the same time they get their refund. QuickCollect is not a loan or a refund transfer.

If you are looking for a refund transfer program, check out Pay-by-Refund, where clients pay the bank product application fee.

Advantages of QuickCollect

Business growth

Accept more clients, including those you would typically turn away.

Payment assurance

Reduce the risk of slow- or no-pays by having your fees taken out of the refund.

Fast collections

Save time by reducing collections work.

How it works

ProSeries QuickCollect is offered in partnership with a bank product, but it is NOT a loan. You simply pay the bank a $15 flat fee to withhold your preparation fees from the client's refund and then distribute the balance of the refund to your client as a direct deposit.

Enroll with TPG from within ProSeries by late December to ensure you are all set when the season starts. There are no sign-up fees and no obligation to sign up.

Review TPG Enrollment Information

Prepare the return the same as always. The only difference is to check the "QuickCollect" option before e-filing the return. Then have the client sign the release form provided by the bank.

Sit back and wait for the funds to be deposited into your account, typically within 10-21 days. If your client does not have a bank account, you can choose the Refund Card option provided by TPG.

No sign-up fees. No obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between QuickCollect and Pay-by-Refund?

With QuickCollect there are no bank fees paid directly by the taxpayer and the only method for disbursement of the refund is direct deposit or on a refund card. With Pay-by-Refund, a refund transfer program, the taxpayer pays a $59.90 account setup fee and can select to have their refund distributed as a check that the preparer would print in their office.

What if my client doesn't have a bank account?

No problem—put your client's refund on a Refund Card offered by TPG so you can take advantage of QuickCollect.

Can I offer both QuickCollect and bank products such as Pay-by-Refund?

Preparers will be able to participate in either QuickCollect or Pay-by-Refund, but not both.

Is this a loan?

No. ProSeries QuickCollect is not considered a loan because no loan is given or interest charged, and the bank fee is paid by the preparer.

How soon would I get my payment?

The preparation fees collected by the bank are deposited into the preparer's designated bank account when the IRS pays the refund, which is usually 10-21 days after the return is filed.

How much does QuickCollect cost?

ProSeries QuickCollect has a small $15, one-time fee per return. There are no additional fees charged from ProSeries.

Who pays the $15 QuickCollect fee?

The bank takes the $15 fee out of the tax preparation fee that is collected from the taxpayer refund. Many tax preparers choose to build this fee into the total preparation fee that they charge to their client.

What if my client is not getting a refund?

In this case, you would not be able to utilize a QuickCollect. Intuit does offer credit card solutions to allow you to collect payment before filing the return.

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