ProSeries Client Organizer


Collect the client data you need faster and easier.

Available for the Professional edition of Intuit ProSeries Tax, this client tax organizer helps you get the information you'll need to prepare virtually any client return. And because of its data transfer capabilities, you can reduce time-consuming data entry and reduce the risk of errors.

ProSeries Client Organizer includes:

  • Automatic transfer of prior tax year data to current year returns
  • Standard and custom organizers
  • Carry forward prior-year descriptions and amounts
  • Automatic printing of pre-existing organizer forms
  • Carry forward depreciable assets and updates
  • Blank organizers for new clients
  • Control over which forms to print as clients' and preparers' copies
  • Automatic engagement letter creation
  • Short versions for clients with simpler returns, so they're likely to complete them and you'll save on postage

Detailed return data collection from:

  • W-2 income
  • Retirement income
  • Depreciable property
  • Household employees
  • Dependent care expenditures
  • Retirement plan contributions
  • Capital gains
  • Schedule C business income and expenses
  • Employee business expenses, including employee home office expense
  • Direct deposit of refunds
  • Electronic filing options
  • Sale of personal residence
  • Installment sales
  • Schedule E rental income and expenses, including vacation home information
  • Schedule F farm income and expenses
  • Form 4835 farm rental income and expenses
  • Car and truck expenses
  • Itemized deductions, such as property taxes and contributions 

Go paperless and reduce expenses

Get unlimited access to ProSeries Client Organizer


Unlimited returns

Get pay-per-return access to ProSeries Client Organizer — if you plan to send less than 30 organizers

$11 each

Common questions for Client Organizer

What is the "Short Organizer"?

The four-page Short Organizer is a condensed version of Client Organizer. It is designed to include the most common taxpayer information and can be used for clients with less complicated returns. Your clients can fill out pertinent information quickly and easily, and attach the supporting documents. It may also be less costly to mail. For clients with more complicated returns, you can provide the long Client Organizer, or you can provide the Short Organizer and include relevant pages from the long Client Organizer (such as ORG19, Business Income and Expenses) based on the client's needs. You can use Control Which Forms Print to modify which forms you want to print. You cannot enter data directly on the Short Organizer. All data fields on the Short Organizer are duplicated in other Client Organizer forms.


Is the pricing for "Short Organizer" separate from the long version?

The pricing for Short Organizer is the same as the long version of Organizer. So, you can purchase the unlimited product and use as many Short or Long Organizers as you would like.