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ProSeries Professional—FAQs

What operating systems will ProSeries run on?
ProSeries will run on Microsoft operating systems that are still actively supported by Microsoft. When Microsoft sunsets an operating system, ProSeries will discontinue support. Please refer to our system requirements for more information.

Is technical support included?
Yes, ProSeries provides you with free U.S.-based technical support via a wide range of convenient options: toll-free phone with extended hours during peak season, in-product help, and web. See our support site here.

For online hours and information, click here.

I have multiple employees who need to prepare returns with ProSeries. Do I need to purchase multiple licenses or a network version?
One license of ProSeries is required at each physical location where clients are served. If multiple preparers use ProSeries within a location, then a network license will also be required.

For more information on ProSeries Network Sharing, click here.

What is the software license fee? Do I have to pay this if I have an unlimited bundle and need to file a few returns on a pay-per-return basis as well?
The software license fee, also known as Fast Path, provides access to the services part of your ProSeries license such as e-file, pay-per-return, support, and training. Fast Path is required for both pay-per-return Choice customers and Unlimited customers in order to access these services during the current year. For more information on Fast Path, please click here.

How do I add funds to my Pay-Per-Return (PPR) account?
You can add funds through My Account, or call us at 844-591-8070. Please note, PPR account balances are not refundable, are not transferable, and may not be carried forward to another tax year.

When will I be charged for my order?
Your payment method will be charged in full immediately upon submitting your order, unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Why would I choose ProSeries Professional over ProSeries Basic?
Primarily, it comes down to your level of tax experience and the types of clients you have. We recommend using Professional if you do a high volume of returns, do business returns, or have more than one preparer in your office. The navigation and data entry in Professional is tailored more to professionals who are familiar with preparing returns and require high efficiency. In addition, Professional contains both individual and business forms, plus a variety of additional features (Client Checklist, Client Presentation, K-1 data import, etc.). Click here to compare features.

What forms does ProSeries Professional support?
Some of the forms, schedules, and worksheets supported include: 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 990, 706, 709, Individual, and for states. Click here to view more .

How is the product delivered?
ProSeries automatically delivers a download of the product. Upon request, we do provide a physical CD with subsequent in-product updates.

Which states qualify for sales tax exemption with Download Only Delivery?
Current list of states that provide sales tax exemption based on state legislation (subject to change): AR, CA, CO*, FL, GA, IA, MD, MO, NV, NJ, OK, SC, and VA. In addition, CT customers are eligible for a reduced tax rate of 1%. *CO customers may still be subject to local taxes.

When will I receive ProSeries?
The release of ProSeries tax software is scheduled for approximate delivery in November (Professional) or December (Basic) of each year.

Can you convert my data from my previous tax software?
ProSeries offers comprehensive data conversion services from most other competitive tax programs. Click here for more details.

What type of training is available to me to help me get started?
ProSeries offers various free training options that make it simple to switch and get the most value from your software. New users can advantage of Intuit Easy Start onboarding to get up and running quickly.

How do I obtain an IRS-issued Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN)?
Intuit requires an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) to electronically file using our software. In order to e-file tax returns professionally for your clients, the IRS requires you to register through them for an EFIN. Based on the time of year, the process can take around 45 days. For quickest turnaround, it's recommended you visit the IRS website to submit your information, or visit the FAQ page via the IRS website .

For additional information or full directions, please call the IRS e-Filing Help Desk at 866-255-0654 (6:30 AM to 6:00 PM CT).

If I want to purchase ProSeries, but pay later, what are my options?
After your initial year, you can sign up for Auto Renewal and your payment will be automatically processed just prior to the product release in November.