ProSeries® Data Conversion FAQs


1. Who should I contact about my data conversion?

You can get expert help from our knowledgebase.

2. How do I have my data converted to ProSeries?

3. What information converts to ProSeries?

Complete lists of converted items for the applicable tax program can be found in the PDF documents on the ProSeries Data Conversions page.

4. The converted data files are not identical to the original files I submitted. Why?

Because the conversion process is designed to migrate the critical client data from the original files submitted and to generate a client file as a starting point for use in the next year's ProSeries Tax program. The converted files are not designed to produce a complete ProSeries Tax return.

5. Why were some of my files not converted?

Most often, the files received were bad or corrupt, improperly backed up, missing critical data to the process, password-protected, or locked. The files can be corrected for those issues that apply, and resubmitted. Please re-send only the files that didn’t convert to ProSeries.

6. What kind of timeline can I expect when converting to ProSeries?

In most cases, data conversion will be completed the same business day. Large quantities of data may take an additional couple of business days, depending on the vendor.

  • For Sales:

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