ProSeries Basic—FAQs

Will ProSeries Basic make me compliant with the new IRS rules for preparers?
The IRS only allows five returns to be e-filed with personal tax software. ProSeries Basic is professional tax software and you must obtain an EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) from the IRS in order to file electronic returns with ProSeries Basic. It is important for professional tax preparers to obtain the necessary professional identification numbers to avoid any delays and ensure the tax process goes smoothly for clients.


Why would I choose ProSeries Basic over ProSeries Professional?
It's primarily based upon your level of tax experience and the types of clients you have. Basic is entry-level professional tax software designed for new and growing professionals who typically need a little more guidance. In addition, it does not support business returns and as many federal forms, schedules, and reports found in the 1040 program of the Professional. Click here to compare features.


Does Basic contain the same 1040 forms as Professional?
No, there are a few federal individual forms, schedules, and worksheets that are only found in the Professional, such as 1040NR, Net Operating Loss, At Risk Limitations, Foreign Source Income, and more. Click the following link to review 1040 forms for Basic and Professional.


I have just a few business clients. How do I prepare those returns if I'm using Basic?
Along with your Basic software download, we'll also include access to Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Professional, which will allow you to prepare business returns on a pay-per-return (PPR) basis using that program. View PPR pricing.


How do I electronically file returns in ProSeries Basic?
e-Filing returns is quite simple with our integrated capabilities and guided direction within the software. Electronic filing is included at no additional charge for supported Basic and Professional forms.


How do I add funds to my PPR account?
There are multiple ways for you to add funds with no deposit minimum: (1) using functionality within your ProSeries program; (2) adding funds online through My Account; or (3) calling our automated customer service line at 800-723-0692. You may also add $100 or more to your account by speaking directly with a ProSeries customer service representative. Please note, PPR account balances are not refundable, are not transferable, and may not be carried forward to another tax year.


What is an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) and how do I obtain one from the IRS?
In order to e-file tax returns professionally for your clients, the IRS requires you to have an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) which designates you as a professional preparer. To get one, you simply need to register through the IRS. Based on the time of year, the process can take anywhere from 20 to 45+ days.

For quickest turnaround, it's recommended you first register for an e-Services account via the IRS website, then submit an e-file provider application online, and finally pass a suitability check. For full directions, go to the online IRS information page or call the IRS e-Filing Help Desk at 866-255-0654.


What operating systems will Basic run on?
ProSeries will run on Microsoft operating systems that are still actively supported by Microsoft. When Microsoft sunsets an operating system, ProSeries will discontinue support. Please refer to our system requirements for more information.


Is technical support included?
Yes, ProSeries provides you with free U.S.-based technical support via a wide range of convenient options: toll-free phone with extended hours during peak season, in-product help, and web. See our support site here.

For online hours and information, click here.


When will I be charged for my order?
Your payment method will be charged in full immediately upon submitting your order.


How is the product delivered?
ProSeries conveniently offers two forms of delivery for the software: (1) Download Only Delivery. Customers in qualifying states who choose Download Only Delivery can eliminate sales tax on unlimited ProSeries licenses. And (2) Upon request only: Physical CD with subsequent updates via download. Customers receiving physical media will not qualify for sales tax exemption.


Which states qualify for sales tax exemption with Download Only Delivery?
Current list of states that provide sales tax exemption based on state legislation (subject to change): AR, CA, CO*, FL, GA, IA, MD, MO, NV, NJ, OK, SC, and VA. In addition, CT customers are eligible for a reduced tax rate of 1%. *CO customers may still be subject to local taxes.


When will I receive ProSeries Basic?
The release of ProSeries Basic tax software is scheduled for approximate delivery in December. If you have prior-year versions of ProSeries, you can download using the “Download next year’s ProSeries” available from the Help menu in product. Subsequent releases with software and form updates will be available via in-product updates. If you are a new user, you can download Basic by going to My Account.


I'm currently a TurboTax user—can I quickly transfer my client data into ProSeries Basic?
Yes, because ProSeries is made by the creators of TurboTax (Intuit Inc.), Basic features quick and easy transfer of your TurboTax client data into ProSeries.


Can you convert my data from my previous professional tax software?
ProSeries offers comprehensive data conversion services from most other competitive tax programs. Click here for more details.