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Compare features of ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic 1040.

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Features Professional Basic 1040
Additional 1040 support such as 1040NR, Net Operating Loss, Client Organizers and more
Business forms including 1120, 1120S, 1041, 1065, 990, 706, 709
Network functionality for multiple-user access
Client Checklist helps make collecting data from clients easier
Client Presentation provides charts and graphs of the return
Client Advisor helps you offer client-specific tax planning recommendations
K-1 data import for business to 1040 transfers
Missing Client Information utility helps you find missing data  
eSignature integration
Includes ProSeries Tax Import integrated within software  
Client Analyzer identifies clients impacted by tax changes and scenarios
1040 forms with schedules and calculations
Integrated electronic filing at no additional charge for all supported forms
Tax Planner helps you plan 1040 returns in future years
Diagnostics to help you locate errors and omissions
In-product tax help, forms search and access to online community of peers
Integrated paperless solutions to help you streamline your office
Free U.S.-based technical support with extended hours during peak season
Integration with the Link portal
Guided workflow and checklists lead you through return preparation  
Deduction Finder helps identify missed deductions  

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