ProSeries® Document Management


Save Money. Save Space. More Choice.


Now you can choose from two document management systems to help you go paperles and improve efficiencies in your tax preparation workflow. Both are seamlessly integrated with Intuit ProConnect ProSeries. Each, gives you the ability to quickly and easily capture, manage and share almost any type of client information. Both sold separately.




Enjoy the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to this document management system.


Access files from any computer, browser or mobile device.

Custom branded portal for file sharing with clients.

Save time and email clients in bulk with customizable email templates. Desktop or Online version available.


Document Management System (DMS)


Work more efficiently by scanning and storing source documents and client returns.


Documents are stored on your local hard drive.

View, edit, fax or email information instantly from your PC.

Are you currently a DMS user and have questions?

          SmartVault Customer Quotes


"We transitioned 80 clients to the new online process with SmartVault this past tax season. It was very successful; the entire tax prep process was so much more efficient."


Darrell Layman, CPA



"We wanted to automate the tax preparation and tax delivery process all the way through to invoice payment. That meant we needed a way to invoice and collect payment from clients at the time the return is delivered. We got on the phone with SmartVault and explained the workflow we were after. With their customizable email templates, they were able to help us integrate a 'PayNow' button [powered by Intuit PaymentNetwork] right in the email, allowing the client to pay at the time the return is delivered. I can't imagine other solutions offer this level of customization."


Nathan Coffey, EA, LTC

            DMS Customer Quotes


"Adding Lacerte Document management System to my office for the past two years has been the most useful addition to my office since the computer and the copy machine were invented. I am better organized, my work is easier and my clients love the fact that I can provide them copies of all the documents we used to do their work with a touch of a button. But best of all, my answer to my client's question, 'Where did you get that number on my return?' is now just a mouse click away."


William Murray, Certfied Financial Planner