Introducing Intuit ProConnect





We know how important strong client relationships are to your practice and how growing those connections is key to your success.  To show you we’re as committed to this mission as you are, we’re pulling our family of professional tax products together under a new portfolio brand, called Intuit ProConnect.  Rest assured, the product themselves will not be changing.


Intuit ProConnect is our promise to better connect you with your clients using our products and services. It also showcases Intuit’s dedication and support to professional tax preparers, and our commitment to play in the professional tax space for years to come.


We hope you see a positive impact, because we’re making your need to better connect to clients a part of our mission statement. This means that everything we do, from product innovation to customer service, will be focused on delivering this promise.




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Frequently Asked Questions



1. Why is Intuit doing this?

We heard from you how you want to make a difference in your clients’ lives and how important those client connections and relationships are to you. We wanted to show you our shared commitment to this mission by making “Connect” part of our name. The change is driven by our long-term vision and commitment to play in the tax professional space for years to come, and to deliver on our mission to connect tax professionals and their clients through Intuit’s products and services




2. What is Intuit ProConnect?


ProConnect is our new family brand. It joins our portfolio of professional tax products and services together under one umbrella.  All of our current offerings, including our core tax software (Lacerte®, ProSeries®, and Intuit Tax Online) and value-added services like Intuit Link, will fall under this new brand.  Rest assured, the products themselves will not be changing due to this family brand introduction.




3. How will this impact me?


This change will not negatively impact your use of our products. The software functionality itself will not be changing as a result of this new branding, and the change requires no action on your part. You will soon see the Intuit ProConnect logo on your software and on all communications from Lacerte, ProSeries and Intuit Tax Online moving forward.




4. Are any of the products, like Lacerte, ProSeries or Intuit Tax Online, changing or going away?


No. None of the products are going away and the software functionality will not be changing as a result of the new branding. One of the differences you will notice is in the name of Intuit Tax Online, which will change to ProConnect Tax Online. Supporting and improving our professional tax products like Lacerte, ProSeries and Intuit Tax Online is and will continue to be a priority of ours for the coming years.




5. Will this change the look and feel of my program? Will anything change in my product?


No. Your product will have the same functionality and the interfaces will have the same look and feel. The only change you may notice is the new Intuit ProConnect logo on a limited number of screens.




6. What does the arrow mean?


As part of our vision for the Intuit ProConnect brand, we’ve designed a new logo.  The logo includes a round mark, which is a blue circle with a two sided white arrow.  The arrow represents “growth” - for your practice, your clients, your revenue, and for yourself.  The arrow is two sided to represent the interdependent relationship between the accountant and the client, and the fact that you can both achieve that growth by working together.




7. Have you sold any of your current professional tax product businesses, like Lacerte,       ProSeries or Intuit Tax Online? Did you acquire a new or competitive product or company?


No. We have not divested or sold Lacerte, ProSeries or Intuit Tax Online products or services, and we have not acquired any new professional tax businesses. With the change to the new Intuit ProConnect family brand, the Intuit Tax Online service will be re-named to ProConnect Tax Online. Supporting and improving our current professional tax products is and will continue to be a priority of ours.