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Intuit Practice Management

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Tax software integration and added features

Work templates for every tax return i
Standardize tax preparation processes to create consistency for your staff and clients.
Two-way client data sync i
Your updates are automatically made in both Intuit Practice Management and either Lacerte or ProConnect (not available for ProSeries).
E-file statuses i
See the e-file statuses of your tax clients' returns in Intuit Practice Management (Lacerte and ProConnect only).
Custom tax statuses i
Create statuses for tax clients and work that tell you where they are in your process.
eSignature statuses i
See the eSignature statuses of all clients and documents in Intuit Practice Management (Lacerte and ProConnect only).
30-day money-back guarantee* i
Enjoy peace of mind. See more details at

Standard features

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Workflow management

Work timelines i
View the audit history of all internal and external communications related to any work item.
Work in progress i
See work items with your "in progress" status.
Workflow statuses i
Customize statuses to define how work progresses.
Work templates i
Standardize processes for each service you provide to create consistency for your staff and clients.
Work types i
Custom categorize your work for easy search, filtering, and organization.


Email triage i
Manage all of your email and notifications in this supercharged inbox. Only integrates with Gmail, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange.
Notes on timelines i
Have conversations, visible only to staff members.

Team collaboration

Comments on emails, tasks, and notes i
Connect with staff in context of the work you're doing.
@Mentions i
Tag staff members to bring them into conversations.
Individual staff members
and teams
and teams
Teams and sub-teams i
Set up and manage your staff in teams.

Client collaboration

Client requests i
Ask your clients for information or assign them tasks to complete.
Client file uploads and comments i
Enable clients to upload documents and comment on their assigned tasks.
Automatic client reminders i
Schedule reminders to follow up with clients on their assigned tasks.
Branded client portal i
Give your clients a secure and easy way to collaborate with you.

Task management

Task lists i
Follow checklists to ensure every work item has been completed.
Colleague assignments i
Assign tasks to your staff, so everyone knows who is responsible for what.
Task list automators i
Create logical relationships between tasks or activities.

Contact management

Client sync with QuickBooks Time i
Bring in data, automate common processes, and manage work from your Intuit software in one place.
Contact timelines i
View the audit history of all emails, tasks, notes, and activities for any client.
Contact profiles i
Keep records of all details, communications, and work items for every client.
Contact types i
Organize your clients, prospects, suppliers, and other contacts with custom categories.
Client groups i
Manage people and organizations that are connected by ownership or financial structure.


Notifications i
Receive alerts for assignments, mentions from staff, client responses, and other important activities.
Work scheduler i
Set schedules for recurring work to repeat automatically.
Placeholder job roles i
Use placeholders to automatically assign tasks to staff based on their role in your firm.

Documents and storage

File management i
Stored documents are automatically arranged by client and job.
Attach files to tasks and notes i
Share documents with staff through comments and tasks.
Storage (per user) i
Save and secure every user's files in Intuit Practice Management.
2 GB
10 GB
20 GB

Capacity planning

Time estimates and budgets i
Estimate time and budget for every job to help make better-informed decisions.
Time tracking i
Track time against clients or jobs with our QuickBooks Time integration.

Privacy and permissions

Private contacts i
Make clients private or hidden to control who has access to them.
Private work i
Control the visibility and access allowed for every work item.
Private conversations i
Enable your firm to keep certain conversations private or hidden.
User permissions i
Assign and manage different levels of access within your firm.
Admin and staff
Admin and staff

Reporting and insights

Work dashboard and Kanban i
View and optimize all of your firm's work in one place.
Insights (performance reporting) i
Easy-to-read, detailed reports on output, efficiency, email activity, and much more.
Reporting period i
Choose how far back you want your reports to go.
6 months
6 months

Search and filtering

Global search i
Find anything you need in seconds.
Contact and Work filtering i
Sort through your contacts or work items to quickly find what you need anytime.


Tax software: Lacerte Tax and ProConnect Tax
Cloud email (Gmail and Office 365) i
Connect your work email, so your messages flow directly into Intuit Practice Management.
Microsoft Exchange i
Connect your work email, so your messages flow directly into Intuit Practice Management.
Ecosystem apps i
Bring in data, automate common processes, and manage other apps in one place.
Zapier, Ignition, GoProposal and Liscio i
Find and connect additional helpful apps from over 1,500 choices.

Data management

Data import i
Import your existing client, work, and process data into Intuit Practice Management.
Fully managed
Data export i
Download your client, work, and template data into a CSV file to perform your own analysis.

Training and support

In-product support i
Access a rich knowledge base of self-help articles to get answers without the wait.
U.S.-based phone support i
Get answers to your questions live from U.S.-based specialists.
Email support i
Leave and receive messages with Intuit Practice Management experts through email.

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