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The top 3 favorite features

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Visibility across work

Reprioritize work with a quick drag and drop.


Workflow automation

Save time by automating repetitive tasks and reminders.


Real-time collaboration

Work with staff and clients live from your integrated inbox.

Prioritize work

Coordinate your workflow from a central dashboard with custom views


Gain visibility across all work (8:53)


Your Kanban board gives you a centralized, bird’s-eye view of your workflow, allowing you to visualize everything that is happening in your firm, balance your staff's workloads, prevent delays, and identify your most valuable clients.


Every staff member has their individual dashboard, so whether they’re sitting next to you or somewhere across the country, everyone knows their responsibilities.

On your dashboard:

  • Break down work into different columns, sorted and filtered by what matters to you, for example, by due date.
  • Each card represents a different work item or project. They give you all the important information you need to know at a glance, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Create and save different custom views to show as many cards or as much information as you need, depending on what you need to know at any given time.


It's easy to get started. Just use our built-in templates to quickly create new work items or upload them in batches, then organize them by assignment or urgency.


Here are a few examples of popular custom views:


Due Date View

Sort columns of work by deadline, including Due Today, Due This Week, Due Next Week, and so on to give your firm a shared view of what’s coming and what needs immediate attention.

Because you know where every job stands at all times, you can align everyone in your firm to the same goals, identify potential issues, and adjust priorities to ensure every service is delivered on time.


Capacity View

Capacity view

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Sort columns of work by assignee to give you a snapshot of what’s on everyone’s plates. By looking at the details at the top of each column, you can see who is predicted to be over and under capacity, and redistribute work accordingly with a quick drag and drop of the cards.

With this view, you can visualize your firm’s workload across individual staff members or teams and redistribute work to optimize staff utilization, maximize billable hours, and help maintain your staff’s work-life balance.


Status View

Sort columns of work by status—including Not Started, In Progress, Waiting on Client, Completed, and even custom statuses—to track your firm’s progress with every job in your workflow.

If you need to change a job’s status, simply drag and drop a work card from one column to another. You can also use filters by department, category, client, or due date to drill down further into what you want to see specifically. This view helps you identify bottlenecks and mitigate risks quickly, and helps you account for any client engagements that might have happened offline.

Automate tasks

Automate frequently repeated tasks in your workflow

Save hours every week by programming Intuit Practice Management to carry out basic tasks for you, so you can focus on work that requires your personal touch or builds your relationships with your clients.


See how to automate your workflow (13:38)


Standardize processes and grow efficiency with best-in-class work templates

Work templates

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Your practice management software comes with an extensive library of best-practice tax, accounting, audit, and advisory templates already built in. You can customize them to suit the way your firm already works in just minutes, then save them, and roll them out for your staff to use.

Within each work template, you can create a task for every single step in the process, assign the job to a role or an individual or team, and set a due date. You can also assign tasks to clients as well. This will ensure alignment and accountability across your workflow.


Hold clients accountable for their role in your workflow with client tasks

Simply assign tasks to the client role in your work template. It can be anything from uploading tax documents to answering questionnaires to signing forms, and they can tick off tasks as they complete them. As clients accomplish tasks, you’ll be notified, and work statuses will be automatically updated in Practice Management.

The best part of creating client tasks is being able to schedule requests and auto-reminders, so no one on your staff has to chase after clients. You can be sure no future client tasks will be missed, no matter how far ahead they’re planned.

Integrate software

Integrate your tax and accounting software—and more—in one place

Share data and access with Lacerte and ProConnect (shared data not available for ProSeries)

Intuit Practice Management is the only practice management software that deeply integrates with Lacerte and ProConnect, so you can enjoy a truly streamlined workflow all the way to e-file completion.

Reduce data entry and ensure contact information is always up-to-date with two-way client sync.



See how contacts sync (3:36)


When you start using Intuit Practice Management, you’ll be guided to connect your tax software. Once done, all of your tax clients’ contact information will be automatically displayed in Practice Management. From then on, any changes you make to your contacts in either your practice management software or your tax software will be reflected in both.

For example, one of your clients moves and gets a new physical address and a new phone number. You can update that client’s address and phone number in just Intuit Practice Management. When you look up the same client in Lacerte or ProConnect, you’ll see the new, correct address and phone number—no need for duplicative data entry. The same would apply for clients’ names, email addresses, and Tax IDs.


Gain peace of mind by monitoring your firm’s progress with every return with eSignature, e-file, and custom tax statuses

Tax statuses

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View current statuses associated with your clients’ tax returns in Intuit Practice Management, so you can enact fast decisions without having to switch software. They’re visible to everyone on your staff, making it easy to stay on track or inform clients about where you are with their returns.

Here are some of the statuses already built in to your software:

  • For eSignature: Sent and Signed
  • For e-file by agency—federal, state, and others: Submitted, Accepted, and Rejected
  • For tax returns: Not Started, Waiting on Client, and Ready for Review

And you can create custom statuses that you may already use in your firm today.


Save time with one-click access to Lacerte or ProConnect

Once you’ve gotten your daily managerial or administrative work out of the way, hop straight into your tax software with the press of a button.

ProConnect tax preparers also have the special option of creating new returns with Intuit Practice Management before jumping into their tax software to complete their detailed work.


Time and billing with TSheets and QuickBooks Online

Share time-tracking and invoicing information between all three software—and it all starts by managing your firm’s hours in Intuit Practice Management.


See how to connect TSheets and control the data it shares (4:57)


Account for every hour spent serving clients with the TSheets integration

By connecting TSheets, the hours your staff logs in Intuit Practice Management automatically flows through to the other system, giving you a consistently up-to-date view of how time is tracking against your budgets and time estimates. That way, you can accurately update clients on delivery dates and fees.


See how to track time and bill clients (6:54)


Be confident that the invoices you send are accurate with the QuickBooks integration

Connect QuickBooks Online Accountant to import and manage your clients’ company details with Intuit Practice Management. You’ll never have to go hunting again for tax, incorporation, or financial details. All of your client information, work, and communications will be brought together right at your fingertips.

Collaborate in real-time

Collaborate in real-time with Gmail, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange integrations

Converse with staff and clients live, in context of the work you’re doing with “Triage,” your supercharged email management system inside Intuit Practice Management. From Triage, you can quickly check your work-related messages, clear them away, or create prioritized assignments without switching tabs or windows. It’s a fast and easy way to reduce inbox clutter while ensuring that nothing gets overlooked.


See how you can collaborate with context (4:32)


Offer superior service experiences by enabling your staff to see all client communications in a single timeline

Practice Management automatically organizes all emails, internal notes, tasks, and other details for each client chronologically in one view, regardless of which staff member was contacted. This ensures everyone in your firm can know who last spoke with the client, what was discussed, what jobs have been completed, and what needs to be done next for every client. Keeping an audit history for every client helps you answer questions fast and manage relationships with more personalization, showing clients how much you care about them.

Because client data privacy is a key priority, you can control viewer access with user permissions and sharing preferences to align with your firm’s policies or to suit your comfort level.


Help keep your staff connected at all times with @mentions, internal notes, comments, and task lists

Maintain perspective of what needs to be done for a client by exchanging messages in that client’s timeline. Permitted staff members can create and assign tasks, leave notes or comments, and bring in other staff members or teams to work with that client by tagging them with the “@” symbol—no more disorganized, out-of-context forwarded emails.

The task lists you create are visible to everyone you choose, so staff members can see what’s been assigned to them and track overall progress.

What’s unique about conversing in Triage is your staff can speak privately—the client may never know what was done or discussed. So, everyone on your staff can feel supported, deliver efficient, quality services with confidence, and present themselves to clients with the level of expertise that your firm is known for.


Serve clients more efficiently with enhanced organization and global search

Enhanced search


Intuit Practice Management can serve as your single source of truth for every client. You get:

  • All emails, notes, and tasks organized in your timeline
  • All files and other attachments stored in Practice Management or your integrated document management system of choice
  • Fast answers served up to you instantly with the global search tool
  • Client satisfaction and profitability metrics, to help you improve your processes and prioritization

Mobile apps

Take your practice on the go with the Intuit Practice Management mobile app

We know that work doesn’t stop when you leave your desk, so stay on top of things wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet.

Triage your day Collaborate in context Assign email, notes and tasks to your team

Here are some popular activities you can do on mobile:

  • Discuss work with your staff directly on the emails, notes, and tasks at hand
  • Create new personal tasks from emails
  • Assign tasks to colleagues
  • Swipe to clear items that don't need your immediate attention
  • Filter views to help you identify what's important in the moment


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