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Intuit Practice Management FAQs

What is it

What is Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon?

Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon is an advanced work and communications platform used to manage workflows, collaborate with teams, and deliver exceptional client satisfaction in today’s digital workplace.

With deep integrations with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Intuit Lacerte Tax, and Intuit ProConnect Tax, all of your communications can now be in one place, so your firm will have applications it needs to analyze staff performance, operate more efficiently, and inform future planning. You can also navigate between Intuit Practice Management and Lacerte or ProConnect seamlessly to confidently scope work, simplify data collection, scale client onboarding, anticipate bottlenecks, and automate recurring work.


How is Intuit Practice Management different from Karbon?

Inuit Practice Management is exactly like Karbon and offers all of Karbon’s features. The only difference is that Intuit Practice Management has more, such as integration with Lacerte and ProConnect, additional templates, and the ability to read certain tax statuses all from within the product. See our integrations section on the home page for more details.


What do I get from investing in it as my practice management solution?

Intuit Practice Management gives you visibility to progress across all of your work alongside all client interactions in one centralized place, so you can make faster, better-informed decisions to manage your staff at peak capacity.

Converging all internal communications into this one platform can help reduce the time it takes to gather replies and information from different channels like individual inboxes, instant messaging platforms, and text messages, ultimately reducing the time it takes to deliver services to clients.

A visual snapshot of all available work in progress helps you manage capacity, while shared timelines of all activity per project keep you up-to-date, and performance analytics help you identify bottlenecks.

Automated, best-in-class workflow templates prompt staff assignments as your work progresses. You can synchronize client information between integrated apps to help eliminate redundant data entry and help ensure client information is always current. And exclusively for Lacerte and ProConnect, you get templates for common tax returns like 1040, corporate, estate, or trust. You’re also able to access tax returns right from Intuit Practice Management and track the statuses of returns based on actions and activity within your Lacerte or ProConnect workflows.

Finally, you can standardize common processes with checklists and connect to CRMs, proposal software, time tracking, industry tools, and more.


How is this better than any other practice management software on the market?

Intuit Practice Management is an all-in-one solution—a truly collaborative platform for accounting firms to manage workflows, communicate with teams, and deliver exceptional client work more efficiently.

Email integration is one of our biggest points of difference and a key reason users can save so much time. Creating work assignments from emails, adding comments in context, and removing the need to forward emails save firms hours every week.

Other key differences are flexible workflows and powerful automation. Traditional solutions are rigid and the work is tied directly to work templates, making it impossible to personalize services to clients. Intuit Practice Management empowers you to ensure consistency in your processes while giving you the flexibility to customize them, based on individual clients’ needs. Combining that with powerful automation that moves work forward, assigns tasks, and updates due dates as work is completed, Intuit Practice Management provides a real-time view of everything that is happening across your firm.

Finally, we never stop innovating. We release new features every 3 weeks and we use your feedback to help determine future improvements to your software.


How it works

Is it in the cloud?

Yes. Intuit Practice Management is 100% cloud-based, designed specifically to run in the flexible and distributed nature that a modern accounting firm needs.


Will it be available on my preferred browser?

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, Intuit Practice Management will run on any up-to-date browser, on any device. However, it runs best on Google Chrome and that is what we recommend using.


Does it have a mobile app?

Intuit Practice Management app allows you to triage your day before you sit down to work. Capabilities include:

  • Discuss work with your team directly on the emails, notes, and tasks at hand.
  • Transform emails into personal tasks or delegate to your team.
  • Assign notes, tasks, email, and work.

Download the app, and sign in with your Intuit Practice Management login today.

Download from the Apple app storeDownload from Google Play




Does it integrate with my email?

Intuit Practice Management integrates with Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 Business, and Microsoft Exchange. If your email provider isn’t listed, it may still be supported since many other email providers are also powered by Office 365 Business. It does not integrate with Yahoo Mail, however.


What if I want to continue to use Outlook to manage my emails?

That’s fine; however, the highest amount of time savings you can get out of Intuit Practice Management is from our email integration in Triage. On average: Sharing email actions, commenting on them internally as a team, and not having to send emails between your staff on the side save you hours of switching back-and-forth between programs.

Intuit Practice Management still syncs everything with Outlook, so any emails sent in Intuit Practice Management will still show up in your Outlook Sent folder. Any emails opened in Intuit Practice Management are marked as read in Outlook, and vice versa.


Tell me about managing email privacy in Intuit Practice Management.

Emails that enter your inbox are yours and are not shared. The only exception is if you turn on “Sharing Emails,” so that emails received from a specific client will automatically get posted to the client’s timeline.

Essentially, it is a CRM-like feature to share emails across designated staff members. It makes it easy for anyone you invite to serve a client to catch up quickly on what’s already been said and the work that’s already been completed and move forward from there.

Conversely, you may also mark a client as private. There’s quite a bit of customization available to ensure that only the right people have the right amount of visibility into communications with your client.



Which tax software does it integrate with?

Intuit Practice Management integrates with Lacerte and Proconnect. While there are no current plans for it to integrate with Intuit ProSeries Tax, our product teams are considering the option. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.


I use Lacerte on my desktop. Do I need to take Lacerte online to use Intuit Practice Management?

No. Intuit Practice Management integrates with all Lacerte packages. However, if you are looking to take your tax workflow fully online, we recommend Hosting for Lacerte.


Does it integrate with QuickBooks Online Accountant?

Yes. Because Intuit Practice Management integrates with ProConnect, which also integrates with QuickBooks Online Accountant, your client data is automatically synced between your practice management, tax, and accounting software.

If you are a Lacerte customer, please consult with your sales consultant for details on your integration.


What other apps does it integrate with?

Intuit Practice Management also works with QuickBooks Time, Practice Ignition, GoProposal, Hubspot, and thousands of other apps through Zapier. For more information on the integrations available, please visit Intuit Practice Management.


Time and billing

Does it do time and billing?

Intuit Practice Management does not do time and billing directly, but it does integrate with QuickBooks Time for time tracking and with QuickBooks for billing.


How do I bill my clients with Intuit Practice Management?

It depends heavily on how you do it today and how you want to do it moving forward. If you are billing hourly, you can use the QuickBooks Time integration. If you are billing fixed-fee or value-based, you can use one of the integrated quoting tools like GoProposal or Practice Ignition and sync to QuickBooks Online. If you take a blended approach, you can use both options above and track each client or job in Intuit Practice Management for full transparency with your staff. All data is automatically updated between your chosen billing tool(s) and Intuit Practice Management.


I don’t have any formal processes. Does Intuit Practice Management come with any I can use?

Intuit Practice Management comes pre-loaded with a broad selection of best-practice work templates for you to review, use, and personalize. They cover the majority of services you might offer like onboarding, compliance, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, payroll, and advisory, plus they include over 15 templates built specifically for Lacerte or ProConnect users.


I have some custom processes in my firm. How can I program them into Intuit Practice Management?

While it may not have ready-made templates for every unique process you employ, your software will encourage you to test your current, custom process against one of its industry-proven workflows. The pre-loaded templates were designed to simplify and standardize your processes, and drive greater efficiency.

If you still prefer to use your custom process, Intuit Practice Management allows you to create and save custom templates, so you can keep your service experiences consistent even when you add or change staff members in the future. If you need help with this, you can contact our support team for guidance.


Where will my data be stored?

Client data is held on a secure Microsoft Azure data center in the United States.

All information is encrypted in transit and stored using enterprise-grade cloud servers, secure data storage, and highly scalable databases.


Does it have a document management system (DMS)?

Yes. Files and documents that you receive through Intuit Practice Management are automatically stored in the All Documents section in your software, and organized by client and job. You also have the option to upload files.

You can access files and documents for a work item through the Details tab. From there, you may also download them should you choose to move them to an external DMS.


Does it integrate with SmartVault or another DMS?

Intuit Practice Management does not integrate with a third-party DMS at this time. However, we are looking to add integrations in the future. We are currently considering Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and SmartVault, to name a few.


How do you protect my data?

Intuit Practice Management is 100% cloud-based. We use 128-bit encryption and piggyback your login credentials with authentication from your email provider authentication—Google or Microsoft. We also recommend enabling multifactor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication with your email provider, and Intuit Practice Management will inherit that level of security.

We host data with Microsoft Azure, which is SOC 1-3 compliant. We routinely go through internal security audits and have passed the top 100 firm security audits in all major ecosystems where Intuit Practice Management and Karbon are used (the U.S. included).


Getting started

Can we have a demo?

You may request your live, personalized demo on our website.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and someone will reach out to you to schedule a time, or call 844-354-0148 to speak with a consultant.

You may also attend a webinar to see how it works at your own pace.


Is there a trial?

There is no trial, but the standard Intuit 30-day money-back guarantee applies.


Do we pay per user?

Yes. Visit our website for pricing or call us at 844-354-0148.


Will Intuit Practice Management be available for firms based outside the U.S.?

No, not initially. However, we are planning to expand Intuit Practice Management to work in geographies outside the U.S.


I am currently a Karbon customer. Can I migrate to Intuit Practice Management?

We are currently working through the easiest process for existing Karbon customers to migrate to Intuit Practice Management if they want to switch. We will provide more information as it becomes available.


I have just purchased Intuit Practice Management software. Where can I get training resources or contact support?

Call 844-333-1910 for customer support.

Sign up to attend an onboarding webinar


Can we get assistance in setting up Intuit Practice Management with our client data and processes, or dedicated training for our team?

We will assist you in getting on boarded to Intuit Practice Management with training, process migration and syncing your tax data. Once you purchase Intuit Practice Management, you will be contacted by our customer care organization to set up time with them to get trained.


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