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Keep every task on track

Manage and organize all of your work in one place for maximum efficiency with Intuit Practice Management.

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Power up your productivity with these top 4 advantages

Complete visibility

Manage all tasks, assignees, statuses, due dates, and client info with at-a-glance dashboards and digital file folders to keep everything organized and on track.

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Smooth collaboration

Work together with your team at maximum efficiency with email integration, real-time progress updates, shared checklists, and more.

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Timesaving automation

Set automatic reminders for clients, automatically schedule to-do’s, and automatically move to the next step as tasks are completed.

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Workflow optimization

Tap into pre-built templates that you can customize, or create your own, so you can standardize processes and deliver consistent quality every time.

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Get more control over your work with these most-loved features

QuickBooks integration

Cut out wasted time on data entry, with client contact data that automatically syncs between Intuit Practice Management and QuickBooks Online Accountant. Plus, easily track time and billing with QuickBooks Time and let the data flow seamlessly into Intuit Practice Management to see exactly how the actual numbers stack up against your budgets and time estimates for more accurate invoicing.


Email integration

View your entire inbox and take quick action on any email. You can post an internal comment for your team, add tasks to to-do lists, tag assignees, or simply reply as normal—all from inside Intuit Practice Management. Keep everything in sync, thanks to smooth integrations with Gmail, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange.

Real-time progress updates

Keep everyone on your team in-the-know with updates that let you know exactly when tasks are completed and the next action needs to be taken. Whether it’s a to-do for a client or an assignment for a team member, your staff can monitor progress as it happens with no need to spend time on status meetings or emails. It’s all simple to see and track.

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Intuit Practice Management

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monthly per user*
monthly per user*

Standard features

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Workflow management

Work timelines i
View the audit history of all internal and external communications related to any work item.
Work in progress i
See work items with your "in progress" status.
Workflow statuses i
Customize statuses to define how work progresses.
Work templates i
Standardize processes for each service you provide to create consistency for your staff and clients.
Work types i
Custom categorize your work for easy search, filtering, and organization.


Email triage i
Manage all of your email and notifications in this supercharged inbox. Only integrates with Gmail, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange.
Notes on timelines i
Have conversations, visible only to staff members.

Team collaboration

Comments on emails, tasks, and notes i
Connect with staff in context of the work you're doing.
@Mentions i
Tag staff members to bring them into conversations.
Individual staff members
and teams
and teams
Teams and sub-teams i
Set up and manage your staff in teams.

Client collaboration

Client requests i
Ask your clients for information or assign them tasks to complete.
Client file uploads and comments i
Enable clients to upload documents and comment on their assigned tasks.
Automatic client reminders i
Schedule reminders to follow up with clients on their assigned tasks.
Branded client portal i
Give your clients a secure and easy way to collaborate with you.

Task management

Task lists i
Follow checklists to ensure every work item has been completed.
Colleague assignments i
Assign tasks to your staff, so everyone knows who is responsible for what.
Task list automators i
Create logical relationships between tasks or activities.

Contact management

Client sync with QuickBooks Time i
Bring in data, automate common processes, and manage work from your Intuit software in one place.
Contact timelines i
View the audit history of all emails, tasks, notes, and activities for any client.
Contact profiles i
Keep records of all details, communications, and work items for every client.
Contact types i
Organize your clients, prospects, suppliers, and other contacts with custom categories.
Client groups i
Manage people and organizations that are connected by ownership or financial structure.


Notifications i
Receive alerts for assignments, mentions from staff, client responses, and other important activities.
Work scheduler i
Set schedules for recurring work to repeat automatically.
Placeholder job roles i
Use placeholders to automatically assign tasks to staff based on their role in your firm.

Documents and storage

File management i
Stored documents are automatically arranged by client and job.
Attach files to tasks and notes i
Share documents with staff through comments and tasks.
Storage (per user) i
Save and secure every user's files in Intuit Practice Management.
2 GB
10 GB
20 GB

Capacity planning

Time estimates and budgets i
Estimate time and budget for every job to help make better-informed decisions.
Time tracking i
Track time against clients or jobs with our QuickBooks Time integration.

Privacy and permissions

Private contacts i
Make clients private or hidden to control who has access to them.
Private work i
Control the visibility and access allowed for every work item.
Private conversations i
Enable your firm to keep certain conversations private or hidden.
User permissions i
Assign and manage different levels of access within your firm.
Admin and staff
Admin and staff

Reporting and insights

Work dashboard and Kanban i
View and optimize all of your firm's work in one place.
Insights (performance reporting) i
Easy-to-read, detailed reports on output, efficiency, email activity, and much more.
Reporting period i
Choose how far back you want your reports to go.
6 months
6 months

Search and filtering

Global search i
Find anything you need in seconds.
Contact and Work filtering i
Sort through your contacts or work items to quickly find what you need anytime.


Tax software: Lacerte Tax and ProConnect Tax
Cloud email (Gmail and Office 365) i
Connect your work email, so your messages flow directly into Intuit Practice Management.
Microsoft Exchange i
Connect your work email, so your messages flow directly into Intuit Practice Management.
Ecosystem apps i
Bring in data, automate common processes, and manage other apps in one place.
Zapier, Ignition, GoProposal and Liscio i
Find and connect additional helpful apps from over 1,500 choices.

Data management

Data import i
Import your existing client, work, and process data into Intuit Practice Management.
Fully managed
Data export i
Download your client, work, and template data into a CSV file to perform your own analysis.

Training and support

In-product support i
Access a rich knowledge base of self-help articles to get answers without the wait.
U.S.-based phone support i
Get answers to your questions live from U.S.-based specialists.
Email support i
Leave and receive messages with Intuit Practice Management experts through email.

Tax features

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Work templates for every tax return i
Standardize tax preparation processes to create consistency for your staff and clients.
Two-way client data sync i
Your updates are automatically made in both Intuit Practice Management and QuickBooks Online Accountant.
E-file statuses i
See the e-file statuses of your tax clients' returns in Intuit Practice Management (Lacerte and ProConnect only).
Custom tax statuses i
Create statuses for tax clients and work that tell you where they are in your process.
eSignature statuses i
See the eSignature statuses of all clients and documents in Intuit Practice Management (Lacerte and ProConnect only).

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