What is Link?

Intuit Link is an online portal for you and your accountant to connect and deliver tax documents to complete your tax return. No more bulky tax packets or piles of paper. Now you can deliver your information simply and securely online.

Step 1

Receive email
from your accountant.

Step 2

Click the
link in the email.

Step 3

Answer questions from your accountant.

Step 4

Connect your financial accounts.

Step 5

Upload documents or photos from a mobile device.

Watch a demo on how to use Link:


Why use Link?




Complete the questionnaire from your accountant and snap photos of receipts and your W-2 from your mobile device. 


No more going back and forth with your accountant for paperwork. All checklists and questionnaires are built right into Link. 


Link helps to keep your data safe with 256-bit encryption — so your information stays between you and your accountant.


Put an end to the piles of paper that you delivered to your accountant in the past. All of your tax information can be submitted securely online.

Make tax season easier with Link.


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