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How it works for you


Prepare your tax organizer and send it to your client with an invitation to use Link.


Track your client’s progress in accomplishing your requests and follow up if necessary.


Know when they're done, so you can start importing data and working on their return.

How it works for a client


Your client accepts your invitation and understands what they need to send you.


Your client shares their tax data, including file uploads, smartphone photos, and imports from their financial institutions.


Your client is delighted to know they’ve gotten you everything you need and excitedly awaits their tax refund.

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For taxpayers



For tax professionals

Manage and gather client data efficiently and easily


Avoid the risk of sending your clients' confidential information by mail, email, or unsecured file-sharing and protect them with 256-bit encryption.



Request client data with a few quick clicks and rely on automated reminders to help you get everything you need, when you need it, to complete returns faster.



Reduce manual input errors by importing data directly from your clients' documents and financial institutions.



Hear from your peers (1:01)

Save time and stay organized with these key features

Automated reminders

Create and schedule automated reminders for individuals or all clients, depending on custom criteria.

Custom branding

Ensure that your clients feel secure and increase your brand awareness by uploading your firm's logo in Link.

Custom email templates

Create and save as many email templates as you need for your client base.

Invite clients

Ask your clients to use Link by sending them a message directly from your ProSeries account.


Send easy-to-use questionnaires to collect your clients' details and information.

Document requests

Let your clients know the exact paperwork you need by sending custom document requests.

Explore advanced features to optimize Link for your practice by visiting the Link Learning Library

Save more time by collecting client data with Link

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