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Quickly find the forms and schedules that Lacerte may support for tax year 2021

Product enhancements: Streamline your operations

Verify your EFIN in Lacerte

Manage your EFIN more efficiently through a widget in Intuit Lacerte Tax. Now you can update and verify your information.

Tax accuracy notificationsCOMING SOON

Reduce the stress and hassle of finding returns that were affected by tax law or other changes after you filed them. Now, you’ll receive proactive notifications of these events, which of your clients were impacted, and what you need to do.

New billing profile

In compliance with industry mandates and to enhance your data security, we have consolidated billing for Lacerte, eSignature, and Tax Scan and Import into a single “wallet.” Now, you won’t have to re-enter your payment information every time you make a purchase. You can securely save payment methods in Lacerte and add, store, edit, or remove payment methods in My Account for all of your Intuit Accountants products.

Easier onboarding to Hosting for Lacerte

New and returning subscribers can get up and running faster with Lacerte in the cloud with automated data transfer.

Lacerte Actionable Steps for Error Resolution (LASER)

Quickly self-resolve problems in Lacerte as they arise by making use of actionable links made available when and where you need them to minimize any disruption to your workflow.

Lacerte 200 Federal 1040 enhancements

Now you can keep track of the returns you've used with an on-screen counter. You'll also get a message when you're nearing your bundle limit.

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New forms and e-filing types for tax year 2021

Take advantage of 87 new forms and 46 new e-filing types across 27 states.

Print and e-filing capabilities for the following forms (87):

Federal (US)  (14 Forms)


  • Form 9000, Alternative Media Preference
  • Form 8915-F, Qualified Disaster Retirement Plan Distributions and Repayments

Individual, Corporate, S-Corporate, Partnership

  • Form 14039-B, Business Identity Theft Affidavit

Individual, Corporate, Exempt, Fiduciary, S-Corporate, & Partnership

  • Form 5471 Sch G-1, Cost Sharing Arrangement


  • Schedule K-2, Partner’s Distributive Share Items – International
  • Schedule K-3, Partner’s Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc. – International

Alabama (12 Forms)


  • Schedule ATP, Additional Taxes & Penalties
  • Schedule HBC, First Time Second Chance Home Buyer Deduction

Partnership & S-Corporation

  • Form PTE-E, Pass-Through Entity Election Form
  • Form EPT, Electing Pass-Through Entity Payment Return
  • Schedule EPT-K1, Electing Pass-Through Entity K-1
  • Schedule EPT-C, Electing Pass-Through Credit
  • Schedule PTE-AJA, Alabama Jobs Act-Investment Credit

Arkansas (6 Forms)


  • Form AR2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses

Individual, Corporate, S-Corporate, Partnership & Fiduciary

  •  Form AR8944, Preparer e-file Hardship Waiver Request

Georgia (1 Form)


  • Form IND-CR 213, Adoption of a Foster Child

Indiana (3 Forms)


  • Schedule IN-40PA, Indiana Post-liability Allocation Schedule


  • Schedule IN-EL, Tax Computation Form Electing Partnerships


  • Form IT-41 Schedule 1, Other Income

Kansas (1 Form)


  • Schedule A, Itemized Deductions

Minnesota (4 Forms)


  • Schedule M1MB, Business Income Additionals and Subtractions
  • Schedule M1LOSS, Minnesota Limitation on Business Loss

Partnership & S-Corporation

  • Schedule PTE, Pass-Through Entity Tax

New York (68 Forms)


  • IT-203-F, Multi-Year Allocation Form
  • IT-221, Disability Income Exclusion
  • IT-237, Claim for Historic Homeownership Rehabilitation Credit
  • IT-6-SNY, Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax for START-UP NY

Individual & Fiduciary

  • IT-112.1, NYS Resident Credit Against Separate Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions

Individual & Partnership

  • IT-239, Claim for Credit for Taxicabs and Livery Service
  • IT-501, Temporary Deferral Nonrefundable Payout Credit
  • DTF-630, Claim for Green Building Credit

Individual, Fiduciary & Partnership

  • IT-211, Special Depreciation Schedule
  • IT-212-ATT, Claim for Historic Barn Rehabilitation Credit and Employment Incentive Credit
  • IT-236, Credit for Taxicabs and Livery Service Vehicles Accessible to Persons with Disabilities
  • IT-238, Claim for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties Credit
  • IT-246, Claim for Empire State Commercial Production Credit
  • IT-248, Claim for Empire State Film Production Credit
  • IT-252, Investment Tax Credit for the Financial Services Industry
  • IT-253, Claim for Alternative Fuels Credit
  • IT-261, Claim for Empire State Film Post-Production Credit
  • IT-602, Claim for EZ Capital Tax Credit
  • IT605, Claim for EZ investment Tax Credit and EZ Employment Incentive Credit for the Financial Services Industry
  • IT-613, Claim for Environmental Remediation Insurance Credit
  • IT-633, Economic Transformation and Facility Redevelopment Program Tax Credit
  • IT-634, Empire State Jobs Retention Program Credit
  • IT-636, Alcoholic Beverage Production Credit
  • DTF-621, Claim for QETC Employment Credit
  • DTF-624, Claim for Low-Income Housing Credit
  • DTF-626, Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit


  • IT-230, Separate Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions


  • IT-250, Claim for Credit for Purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator

North Carolina (2 Forms)

Partnership & S-Corporation

  • Form NC-PE, Additions and Deductions for Pass-Through Entities, Estates and Trusts

Oregon (8 Forms)


  • Form MC-40, Multnomah County Preschool For All
  • Form MC-40-NP, Multonomah County Preschool for All
  • Form MET-40, Metro Supportive Housing Services
  • Form MET-40-NP, Metro Supportive Housing Services


  • Form METBIT-20, Metro Supportive Housing Services Business Income Tax Return for Corporation


  • Form METBIT-41, Metro Supportive Housing Services Business Income Tax Return for Trusts & Estates


  • Form METBIT-65, Metro Supportive Housing Services Business Income Tax Return for Partnerships


  • Form METBIT-20S, Metro Supportive Housing Services Business Income Tax Return for S-Corporations

South Carolina (1 Form)


  • Schedule TC-38, Solar Energy or Small Hydropower System or Geothermal Machinery and Equipment Credit

E-filing capability for the following returns (9):

  • Hawaii Partnership & Fiduciary (2)
  • Indiana Fiduciary
  • Kentucky (Louisville) Individual, Corporate, S-Corporation, & Partnership (4)
  • Massachusetts Grantor Fiduciary
  • North Carolina Fiduciary

E-filing capability for the following extensions (4):

  • Kentucky (Louisville) Individual, Corporate, S-Corporation, & Partnership (4)

E-filing capability for the following estimated payments (1):

  • Virginia Individual

E-filing capability for the following amended returns (32):

  • Arkansas Individual
  • Colorado Individual
  • Connecticut Individual
  • District of Columbia Individual, Corporate, Fiduciary, S-Corporation & Partnership (5)
  • Hawaii Individual, Corporate, Fiduciary, S-Corporation & Partnership (5)
  • Indiana Fiduciary
  • Iowa Individual
  • Kansas Individual
  • Kentucky Individual
  • Maine Individual
  • Mississippi Individual
  • Missouri Individual
  • Montana Individual
  • New Hampshire (BT Sum) Individual
  • New Hampshire (DP-10) Individual
  • New Mexico Individual
  • North Carolina Individual
  • Oklahoma Individual
  • Rhode Island Individual
  • South Carolina Individual
  • Tennessee (Franchise) Individual
  • Utah Individual
  • Virginia Individual
  • West Virginia Individual

Community: Listening to your ideas

Lacerte Tax Idea Exchange

Now you can share your ideas with us and get updates on their status—under review, accepted or implemented.

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Customer support: Providing one-on-one and self-serve assistance

Intelligent voice assistant

We're helping you get what you need faster with a new listening tool that directs you to self-serve solutions so you don't have to stay on hold to talk to an agent.

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Get product support on your schedule

Request a support appointment or have the support team call you back.

Tool hub application

The tool hub enables you to quickly resolve common system issues and errors, so you can get back to serving your clients.

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Optional workflow tools: Helping you do even more


Keep using the Lacerte software you love, but enjoy the peace of mind that cloud hosting gives you, including flexibility, security and fewer IT hassles.

  • Get up and running with updated software as soon as it is released. No need to download and install using traditional methods.
  • The improved onboarding experience gets your whole firm up and running in just days.
  • The available business application add-on (additional cost) allows you to house over 50 supported apps along with Lacerte, so you can move your entire office to the cloud, all in one convenient place. We recently added Citrix Sharefile and are looking to continue to add more in the future.
  • EasyACCT is now supported in the hosting environment.

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Intuit Practice Management**

Streamline low-value administrative tasks and reinvest your time in delivering excellent client service and growing your practice. Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon helps standardize your operations for maximum efficiency and gives you real-time visibility into all the work across your practice in one place, so you never miss a deadline.

  • Use the clients you have already created within another Intuit offering in Lacerte
  • Standardize operations using best-in-class work templates that automate repetitive client and staff tasks
  • Sync client contact details and more with direct integration to QuickBooks Online Accountant

Learn more

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  • Enjoy faster and more reliable eSignature Dashboard and Send Request experiences based on your feedback from last year
  • Improved onboarding experience lets you start using Intuit eSignature quickly. You can purchase additional eSignatures, choosing from clearly called out options, for this year and the next.
  • eSignature capabilities will be available in Fiduciary and Exempt modules.

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  • To make it easier to get started, enrollment forms for new and returning customers are now pre-filled.
  • For added convenience, you can enroll through My Account or within your Lacerte software. Enrollment for all products and banks is already open.

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Firm-level Audit Assistance*

We are partnering with Tax Protection Plus to offer a firm-level option Audit Assistance, giving you the option to add Audit Assistance and ID Theft Protection to every single 1040 client. CPAs and EAs will respond to IRS notices, handle audits, seek tax debt relief, remediate fraudulent dependent claims and more. Enrolled firms simply pay $10 for every filed 1040 return.

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** Additional terms, conditions and fees apply with these optional add-on services.

Training: Keeping you up to date

Free, live and pre-recorded webinars

Attend live and pre-recorded webinars on topics that matter most to you, at times that work best with your schedule. More than 30,000 pros signed up for webinars last year, and new sessions, like tax law, ethics, and product courses are continually added.

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Personalized training portal 

Access bite-sized training modules with content that’s recommended just for you.

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COVID-19 resources

Quickly find the latest information you and your clients need on our newly redesigned COVID-19 resource center.

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