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Missing Data Utility

Saves 18 minutes

Allows you to track and e-mail a list of missing data to your clients.



Jump to Input

Saves 17 minutes

Allows you to go from a line on the form to the corresponding input field in the Detail screen.


"Jumping to input fields and worksheets is a breeze."    --Mark Simmons, CPA                      


Like-Kind Exchange Wizard

Saves 18 minutes

Saves time on accounting for like-kind exchange in your client's tax return. 



Like-Kind Exchange Wizard

Saves 18 minutes

Saves time on accounting for like-kind exchange in your client's tax return. 


Feature Description Resources
69 min SmartMap / Trial Balance Utility

Imports trial balances from any accounting software (including Quickbooks) or Excel directly into Intuit ProConnect Lacerte.

62 min  Schedule D Import Automatically enters 1099 info into returns from Excel.

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57 min Export Billing Automatically generates client invoices in Quickbooks for services rendered by using information stored in your Lacerte Tax Software.

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45 min  Fixed Asset
Import Tool
Allows you to import fixed assets from an Excel spreadsheet (.xls file). Best used for new clients or existing clients with several asset purchases in a given year.
40 min eOrganizer Helps you get the information you will need from your clients to prepare their returns (eg. itemized deductions)
32 min Married Filing
Separate / Joint Split and Comparison

Allows you to split a joint return, compare MFJ vs. MFS, and review the entries made in the return to ensure that everything is allocated to either the taxpayer of spouse

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23 min K-1 Transfer

Automatically imports K-1 data into Individual modules from Partnership, S-Corporation, and Fiduciary business modules and between business returns.

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23 min Audit Checks Keeps track of what data fields have been audited or reviewed. 
21 min Family Link

Automatically populates client data on form 8615 based on the parent's income. This is sometimes referred to as the Kiddie Tax.

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19 min Estimates

Automatically generates and prints estimated payments for clients based on specific inputs from the client (eg. How much they want to pay and when)

18 min Intuit Link

Link is a portal that makes it easy for your client to deliver their tax data to you in a timely, and organized way – on average, 30% faster than traditional organizers.

18 min  Like Kind
Exchange Wizard

Saves time on reporting like-kind (1031) exchanges in your client's tax return.

18 min Missing Data

Allows you to track and e-mail a list of missing data to your clients

18 min Batch File
Allows you to file multiple extensions at once. Read Article
18 Prior Year Amount

Pre-populates e-organizers with the amounts the client filed in the previous year to help them update the organizer more quickly.

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18 min Jump to Input Allows you to go from a line on the form to the corresponding input field in the Detail screen.
16 min Form Status
Notification Tool

Provides the most up-to-date status of tax forms for use in Lacerte. Use this tool to find historical Lacerte release time frames for those forms that have yet to be approved by Federal and/or State taxing agencies, or the actual Lacerte web download date for those forms that have been approved.

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16 min  Lacerte E-File Center

Allows you to quickly e-File returns and extensions, track the progress of returns e-Filed, generate reports, and send acceptance letters or emails to your clients.

15 min e-File Wizard

Helps you quickly select, validate, review and send returns. 

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15 min Sticky Notes

Reminds you of a certain task, form, or client. They can be either client specific or generic to all forms within all clients

15 min Export Depreciation

Exports the depreciation data for client into a comma separated file (.CSV) for use in other applications

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13 min Split Screen

View tax return forms and data entry fields side by side saving you time from going back and forth between the details tab and the forms tab. Great for reviewing tax returns and preparing "what if" scenarios for clients.

12 min  Lockable Returns

Protects your tax returns from any changes including program updates.

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12 min Shortcut Keys

26 Lacerte keyboard combinations to help you quickly navigate through the program.

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11 min Views and Displays

Allows you to change multiple views and displays in Lacerte, including the ability to customize the welcome screen, access the specific information you need right on the Clients tab, and view multiple input screens and multiple forms at once.

10 min Payment Collection

Collect client payments faster using eSignature Plus Payments.  Clients can pay using credit, debit or ACH transfer and it will log directly into your Quickbooks Online account.

10 min Client Signatures

Signature Plus Payments allows you to collect client signatures electronically - the IRS-approved way.  Clients can sign and return their form 8879 from any device, anytime.

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9 min Input Warnings for

Triggers a critical diagnostic when input is missing, incomplete, or present that would likely result in the e- filed return being rejected by the agency.

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4 min Government Instructions

Allows you to access, from within Lacerte, the government instructions for all forms supported by Lacerte that have instructions published by the agency that created the form.

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3 min Default E-File Automatically checks the Federal and state returns for e-file on Screen 1, Client Information.  Read Article
2.5 min Abandon Changes

Erases prior changes or edits to a client’s tax return.

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Financial Institution Download (FIDO)

Download and import financial institution data into a client's tax return for forms W-2, 1099-B, 1099-INT, and 1099-DIV.

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