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Time Savings Features

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Featured Time Savers 

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Missing Data Utility

Saves 18 minutes

Allows you to track and e-mail a list of missing data to your clients.



Jump to Input

Saves 17 minutes

Allows you to go from a line on the form to the corresponding input field in the Detail screen.


"Jumping to input fields and worksheets is a breeze."    --Mark Simmons, CPA                      


Like-Kind Exchange Wizard

Saves 18 minutes

Saves time on accounting for like-kind exchange in your client's tax return. 



Intuit Link

Saves 18 minutes


Link is a portal that makes it easy for your client to deliver their tax data to you in a timely, and organized way - on average 30% faster than tradtional organizers. 


“We see about 15% time savings with each client using Link” – Angela I., CPA



Lacerte E-File Center

Saves 16 minutes

Allows you to quickly e-File returns and extensions, track the progress of returns e-Filed, generate reports, and send acceptance letters or emails to your clients. 



Even More Time Saving Features

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