Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer

Get two of our most popular productivity tools bundled together.


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Provide year-round, sophisticated tax planning with Intuit Lacerte Tax preparation software tools and become a trusted tax advisor with the Lacerte Tax Analyzer.

Tax Planner

What you can do with the Lacerte Tax Planner

  • Increase your value to clients by offering custom tax planning services.
  • Compare multiple, complex scenarios using actual current and future tax rates.
  • Easily generate custom graphs, reports, and letters to communicate tax plans.

Easily project your clients' future tax liability under multiple scenarios
Instead of rough estimates, give your clients data based on actual current and future state and federal tax rates built into Tax Planner. Generate four types of tax plans: a year/case analysis, difference analysis, Married Filing Jointly/Married Filing Separately comparison, and adjustment analysis.

Getting started with the Lacerte Tax Planner
Export client data directly from your 1040/individual files in Lacerte. There's no need to re-enter it in the Tax Planner, and you'll be able to work with the most up-to-date data.

Tax Analyzer

What you can do with the Lacerte Tax Analyzer

  • Advise clients how to reduce liability and their chances of triggering an audit.
  • Automatically "red flag" amounts that exceed national averages.
  • Read items right off the screen or print reports written in plain English.

Get customized, tax-reducing tips
Read short narrative descriptions of each taxpayer's current status and details about the impact of new or pending changes in depreciation allowances, tax rates, and allowable contribution limits. Like an expert tax advisor, the Tax Analyzer offers tax-minimizing strategies tailored to each client's specific situation. Covered topics include current and future tax savings and retirement contributions. There are also tax tips, compliance tips, and a social security section.

Getting started with the Lacerte Tax Analyzer
The Tax Analyzer integrates with your 1040/individual files in Lacerte and each item links to the applicable tax form input field for easy reference. To verify any item or to learn more, simply click the More Info icon and see the source of the information, as well as hyperlinks to publications or other resources.


Free with a Lacerte Unlimited Package1