Lacerte Quick Employer Forms FAQs


Who is Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant for?
Tax and accounting professionals who do not use an accounting or payroll solution and need to generate W-2s or Form 1099s for a small number of recipients.


What does it do?
Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant allows tax professionals to easily complete and e-file W-2s and Form 1099s for their small business clients who don't need full-service payroll because they only have a few employees and/or contractors.


What forms does Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant cover?
Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant handles:

  • 1099-MISC
  • 1099-INT
  • 1099-DIV
  • W-2

Full-service payroll forms such as 941 are not supported.


Can I amend a 1099 or W-2 that I've already filed with the government?
Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant does not support filing of corrected forms.


How many clients and forms can I create with an unlimited license?
With an unlimited license you can create as many companies and forms as you like; however, Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant is not designed for companies with large amounts of forms and cannot be used for businesses whose total wages or payments exceed $10M.  

An unlimited license can be used until October 31st, when the system will be taken offline and rolled over for the new tax year.


Will I be able to access prior-year client data after the online application has expired?
Yes, as long as you have purchased a current-year Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant license in order to access the online application, and your current-year and prior-year purchases exist in the same account, you will be able to see prior-year client data. For example, between November 2019 and October 2020, you will need a 2019 license in order to access your 2018 data.


Will other users in my firm be able to see the forms I have created in Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant?
No, all forms created are linked to the My Account login that they were created under. If you want multiple users in the firm to be able to view all forms created you will need to have a single user login that they all use when accessing Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant.


Where is my totaled W-3 or 1096 form?
Because Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC are e-filed, the respective Form W-3 and 1096 are not required by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or IRS. However, if you need these forms for your state requirements or accountant, you can access these forms on the Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant homepage.


I have electronically filed. Now do I have to mail or submit anything to my state?
After e-filing, be sure to check your state's website for W-2 or 1099 reporting requirements. Each state's requirements vary, and most don't require the forms be submitted. Perform an Internet search for your state web address to find details. You do not need to mail anything to the IRS or SSA after e-filing with Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant.


I e-filed my form(s). How will I know it was accepted with the IRS or SSA?
After e-filing your W-2 or 1099 form, please monitor your filing status on the Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant homepage. The e-file status will update from "Sent" to "Accepted" or "Rejected" when the government agency processes the form. The status change may take up to 2 to 4 weeks. You will also receive a notification by email when the status changes.


How can I get started on my W-2s and 1099s?
Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the form you need to create from the "What Form Would You Like to Prepare?" window.
  2. Enter your business, payee, and form information in the three subsequent windows.
  3. If the completed form looks good at the "Verify form information" window, choose "Continue."
  4. When you've finished creating all of your forms, choose “e-file All” from the Home Base window.


Can I start and come back later?
Yes. We think you'll find Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant is so easy that you'll finish all your W-2s and 1099s in one sitting. But if you want to come back later, you can quit and log in to the website using your user ID and password again at another time. We save all the forms you create too, so next year you'll be able to transfer your information even faster.


What types of 1099s can I create with Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant?
You can create 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, and 1099-DIV forms.


Can I delete W-2s and 1099s I've already created?
Yes, you can delete forms that haven't been e-filed. The delete feature is available next to each form listed on the Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant homepage.


How can I print my forms?
All of your completed forms will be available on the Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant homepage with a link to print.


Can I e-file my forms?
Yes, W-2s and 1099s can be e-filed. After you've created your forms, simply select "e-file All" at the top of the Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant Home Page. E-file for tax year 2019 will be available early in January 2020.


Do I need special pre-printed, red-ink forms?
No. You don't need the special pre-printed, red-ink forms because we e-file for you.


How can I edit my forms?
Select the Edit button from Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant homepage and then make changes on any field on the form that needs to be corrected. You can edit any field on the form until it is e-filed.


How can I save my forms?
We save everything for you after you complete each screen. Once you click Done or Continue at the bottom of the screen, your information is saved automatically. We'll save your forms for you for next year, too. Save your user ID and password, and just log in next year.


How is my information protected?
Your data's security is our number one priority. Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant is a product of Intuit, the makers of Lacerte, so we leverage the same type of security infrastructure and safeguards that protect the sensitive data of millions of online Lacerte, ProSeries, and QuickBooks users. Our security utilizes 128-bit or greater SSL encryption, secured and firewalled facilities, third-party reviews, and verification by RSA, TRUSTe, and VeriSign.