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Hosting for Lacerte FAQs

What does "hosting" mean?
"Hosting" is another term for "in the cloud." It means that your Lacerte software and data are stored ("hosted") on a secure web server at a protected facility, instead of locally on your office computer. You access them over a protected Internet connection rather than via your local network.

This means you're not tied down to your office to run Lacerte. You can access your software anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device, including a Mac.

How safe is my hosted data?
Hosting for Lacerte is provided by Intuit, leveraging an exclusive partnership with Right Networks, who is screened to help ensure your data is safe and the services you receive are of high quality. Your data is secure with industry-standard SSL-based encryption at all connections, and enterprise firewall and antivirus protection. Additionally, anti-virus technology and multi-layer access controls help protect your files and transmissions.

How often is my software updated?
Your Lacerte software will be automatically updated so you are always up-to-date with the latest release as soon as it’s available.

Do I need my own network?
No, you don't need your own local network. The Internet is the only network you'll need, and if you're reading this, you've already got it!

How long does it take to learn?
If you're familiar with Lacerte, no time at all. There’s no learning curve, and we personally walk you through the setup so that’s easy, too. Most practices are up and running within a few days. Hosting for Lacerte has the same look and feel as Lacerte on the desktop. If you're new to Lacerte, you can get up-to-speed on the tax software through the help of our Easy Start program.

If you have any questions, Intuit support teams are here to help you.

Can I keep a copy of the program on my own desktop for a backup?
We encourage customers who use Hosting to remove the program from the desktop to reduce issues with data syncing. The Hosting program will automatically back up nightly and will maintain a rolling backup for 90 days.

Will the 30-minute login requirement still happen with Hosting for Lacerte?
Yes, this is an IRS Security Summit requirement.

How does the speed compare to running it on my PC?
As with any Internet-based service, you'll need a good-quality, fast Internet connection. Hosting is subject to availability of a reliable Internet connection. See a detailed list of system requirements here.

Will my desktop program sync with the hosted environment?
Not automatically. We encourage you to only use your hosted environment for data entry and storage to prevent syncing issues. You can pull down or upload data to and from the hosted environment if you need to, but it is a manual process.

How does Microsoft Excel work with Hosting for Lacerte? And how does my email work?
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook integration with Lacerte in the Hosting environment requires a Microsoft 365 license that supports Office applications. If you already have a compatible Office 365 license, such as Office 365 Apps for Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Office 365 for Enterprise - E3, or Office 365 for Enterprise - E5, you can bring it over on your own, or purchase a separate license through Right Networks or another provider.

Learn more about current Office 365 offerings and their supported applications

Can I host other desktop applications in the same environment as Hosting for Lacerte?
Yes! This is simple when you opt for the business application add-on along with Hosting for Lacerte. With this add-on subscription you can select from over 50 supported desktop business applications to bring into your Hosting environment. QuickBooks Desktop can also be added to your Hosting environment with additional setup and subscription.

Note that the business application add-on is not available as a standalone service; it must be coupled with Hosting for Lacerte. You simply bring your own, existing license for the application(s) you would like to add to your Hosting environment. We’ll take care of the rest, so you can access it all from one convenient place on the cloud.

What desktop applications are supported through the business application add-on?

  • Abacus Expense Management
  • Acctivate
  • ADP
  • Analytics Maestro
  • ARcollect
  • BigTime IQ Enterprise
  • BigTime IQ Pro
  • Bill & Pay
  • for QuickBooks
  • Import Tool
  • CFS Tax Tools (2018 through 2020, Local and Network)
  • Chronotek
  • ClickTime
  • Concur Time & Expense Reporting
  • eBillity
  • eFileCabinet Online
  • Rubex Online (new version of eFileCabinet)
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Expensify
  • Fathom HQ
  • Google Chrome
  • GruntWorx
  • iCheckGateway
  • ImagineTime
  • ImagineTime Practice Management
  • InvoiceASAP
  • Jetbuilt
  • Logicity
  • Mavenlink
  • Office Tools WorkSpace
  • OpenAir
  • PDF 24
  • ProWorkflow
  • Qvinci
  • RAS Client Tool
  • RAS Firm Tool
  • Sage 50 2019 CA
  • Sage 50 2019 US
  • Sage 50 2020 US
  • Sugar CRM
  • SurePrep- Lacerte Integration
  • Tallie Connect
  • Tax 1099
  • TaxWork Flow
  • TSheets Time Tracking
  • TurnLink Sales Manager
  • TValue 5
  • Vertex, Inc
  • XactPay
  • Yearli Export Wizard
  • Citrix Sharefile