Lacerte Presentation Products

Every envelope, every folder, every document you send out of your office can make an impression on a client.

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Our presentation products will help instill confidence and assurance in your firm's professional capabilities.

From large window portrait envelopes designed to perfectly hold our Premium Tax Return Folders to Premium Tax Return Folders, we have a number of products specifically designed to match Slip Sheets printed from Intuit ProConnect Lacerte.


What you can do with Lacerte Presentation Products:

Deliver a professional impression, Help your clients stay organized, and Reduce expenses of printing and mailing


Tax Return Filing Envelope

Eliminate the need for address stamps, custom labels and stockpiles of envelopes with our 6" x 9" Tax Return Filing Envelope.

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Large Window Portrait Envelope

Don't forget matching envelopes. These envelopes work perfectly with our large window, Premium Tax Return folders.

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Premium Tax Return Folders

Features thick, classically textured paper stock, an extra-capacity spine, side-staple tabs, a right-hand pocket and a business card slot. Available in 4 professional colors. Slip-sheet compatible.

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More Lacerte Client Service Tools

Offer proactive tax guidance with Lacerte Tax Analyzer

Create tax-minimizing plans and year-round planning with Lacerte Tax Planner


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