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Lacerte is perfect for tax firms with individual and business clients


Intuit ProConnect Lacerte customers saved up to 52 minutes on every complex return.1

  • Lacerte provides integrated tools and automated calculations to speed through the toughest returns
  • Unique interface designed with time-savings and fewer clicks in mind – direct access to all forms and a flat worksheet-based design for fast, heads-down data entry
  • 32 built-in time saving features such as the Missing Client Data Utility, K-1 Transfer and E-signature tool – designed for reducing hassle and data processing time


Prepare virtually any return with confidence.

  • Lacerte includes over 5,700 of the most complicated forms for individuals and businesses
  • In-product alerts regarding tax law changes
  • Changes are auto re-calculated on corresponding forms 



Backed by strong diagnostics and support for 34+ years.

  • 24,000+ error diagnostics designed to help uncover mistakes, omissions and ensure max refunds with fewer rejected returns
  • Toll-free US-based phone customer service

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Move seamlessly across your accounting and tax workflow 

and speed through preparation fast.


Simple: Link is a portal that makes it easy for your clients to deliver their tax data to you in a timely, personalized, and organized way.


Comprehensive: In Tax Year 2015, Taxpayers using Link complete 70% of the data and document upload tasks requested from their Tax Pro.2


Convenient: View client progress at-a-glance within Lacerte, so you know when you have all of information you need to get started.


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Reduces data-entry time through direct download of 1099 and W-2 information from financial institutions


Over 230 banks and payroll providers supported


Auto-Attach PDF: Automatically identifies and converts required forms to PDFs saving a reported 6 minutes per required PDF and ensuring compliance with government requirements.


Email PDF:  Email PDF’s via encrypted link. Clients can access their returns anytime and from anywhere – guaranteeing they are viewing the latest version.


E-File Only Watermark: Allows unapproved printed copies of returns to have a more accurate watermark for client review.  See an example...



Lacerte makes it easy.

Time-savings features, forms, tools and support help you complete more returns in less time.

Data Conversion

The Data Conversion process will move selected items from your current tax preparation software to your new Lacerte program.  Learn more...

5700+ FORMS

5,700+ of the most complicated tax forms including multi-state, K-1s, consolidated corporations, and more.  Learn more...


Introduced 30 years ago and now supported by Intuit tax and accounting professionals.  Learn more...

Trust is earned. Success is shared. 


Hear how pros like you use ProConnect Lacerte to help
grow their practice and make a real difference for their clients. 



How is the Support for Lacerte?

How is Lacerte's Support?

"Lacerte folks have been very responsive. The responsiveness in
the customer service has been outstanding."


Why Should I Choose Lacerte?

Why Should I
Choose Lacerte?

"I would never leave Lacerte just because of the integrations that it has, the ease of use and the way it's easy to use."


What are the Benefits of Lacerte?

What are the Benefits of Lacerte?

"The trial balance from QuickBooks to Lacerte is absolutely wonderful. It saves me time on inputting my business returns."


call sales: (844) 591-8069

Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers

1.  Based on an Intuit survey of Lacerte customers conducted in July 2014, in comparison to their previous method for preparing returns. On average, customers saved up to 52.6 minutes per complex return and up to 19.1 minutes on a simple return.

2.  Based on standard tax season results of cumulative Taxpayers task completion averages achievable with Intuit Link’s client portal; Intuit Link Tax Year 2015 data.

3. Testimonials represent the individual experiences of these customers. Intuit does not represent that results are typical or that the experiences will apply to all customers since each tax preparer is unique.