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Depreciation Life on Permanent houseboat used as rental property?

Level 2

This is one of those permanently moored houseboats built on a barge, which is being used as a year round residential rental property.    A random stock photo of something similar is attached.

It floats and can (technically) be towed somewhere, although it never has been.  

Is depreciation life 27.5 (residential rental) or 10 year (commercial boat)?

Do I use bonus depreciation and 179 rules for boats or the rules for real property?




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Level 2

Any ideas?

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Level 15

"It floats and can (technically) be towed somewhere"

It's not a Boat if it cannot move under its own power. It would be a floating home, not a houseboat. You see houseboats on Lake Powell. They go out and about and come back to the marina.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.