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LLC company, single member, tax deposits

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To make a tax deposit on EFTPS for a LLC, single member, for quarterly estimated tax, what form do I use?  I picked 1065, and it gave me an error saying I was not set up for that form?

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1) What software?

2) ARE you aware that a SMLLC isn't a partnership?

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There is no income tax for 1065. That's one thing wrong here.

There is no 1065 for this person. That's the other thing wrong here.

You have a Single Member LLC, which means disregarded (ignored) for Federal tax purposes. This person will be reporting their business activity on Sched C, which is part of Form 1040.

You seem to be trying to pay 1040ES. Personal Quarterly Estimated taxes, for a person that has a full financial picture for their personal life, and their business contributes to that picture. Whether or not they need to pay quarterly is a completely different question.

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Hi, I can actually help with this. I think you would want to make the quarterly estimated tax payments in the name of the single member, and choose form 1040. On EFTPS it will give you an error the first time you try to make a payment, telling you you aren't set up for the form. Just ignore the error and make the payment. It did the same thing to me and I called in and asked about the error and was told to ignore it.