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IRS tax payments

I have several clients that have sent the IRS a check for payment of the balance due with their 2019 returns.  After over a month since the payments were made the checks have not been cashed. I understand the IRS has millions of unopened mail.


What should we do just wait or pay again> 

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"I understand the IRS has millions of unopened mail."

Exactly, so no use making it millions plus several more.  So just follow the flamethrower's advice and wait.  Good things happen to those that wait ------------------- that is, if having a check clear the bank is a good thing.

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Go to my new website, which matches up people waiting for IRS refunds with those waiting for their checks to IRS to be cashed.  

I can't post the link here but it's something like brain surgeon dot com  😎

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I have some that are getting bills and their checks havent cleared.

I also have some that are getting bills and their checks DID clear but apparently havent been credited to their accounts.

I think when IRS started opening mail they just yanked the checks and cashed them and tossed the payment voucher in a pile and that pile hasnt been entered in the system yet.

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I have same situation as @Just-Lisa-Now-  described.    Not just with 1040's but  Form 720 also.

Clients have hard time understanding how this can happen.