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I would like to know about the facts about checks for the economic stimulus

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First of all....what about the treatment to the illegal immigrants? They are not receiving the check but what about their kids that were born here?. What happen to illegal immigrant that pays every year his taxes, and also is married to American citizen? do they receive the check or not?

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Call Mnuchin.  He seems to have all of the answers.  Everybody else just seems to be guessing.

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Are you asking about the kids that are 6 years old, or 26 years old?  We don't punish children for the crimes of  their parents, so the adults are safe.  If the youngsters are being claimed on a return filed by someone without a Social Security number authorizing employment (which, technically, can be issued to some people who have applied for adjustment of their immigration status) then there is no $500 payment for them.

The citizen spouse would qualify for $1,200, and citizen children on the spouse's return would qualify for $500, subject to the income limits.  

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If an individual was issued an SSN that does not authorize employment but subsequently was authorized for employment (e.g. on a non-immigrant employment visa or while the status is being adjusted), that individual should be eligible for the economic impact payment/Recovery Rebate while that authorization remains valid.

Since eligibility for the payment/rebate under §6428 is determined at the parent's level and the number of qualifying children merely increases the amount of payment/rebate the parent may receive, no payment will be made with respect to a qualifying child where the parent is not an eligible individual as defined under subsection (d).

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