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electing not to use capital losses carried forward

I have carry forward capital losses that I don't want to use this year because my income is such I pay 0% on capital gains and qualified dividends (ordinary income below threshold to pay tax on them).  I don't see where I am required to use them this year, while still being eligible to use them in future years.  Mechanically, Proseries does not allow for such a switch of using them or not, but that can be gotten around by adjusting the capital loss carry forward.

Is anything in the law giving me that choice?

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You either carry them forward or carry them back, you cant just skip a year and save them for when you need them.


I'm good with that.  You reminded me that the schedule D has the carry forward documented so messing with it doesn't work.  Sometimes one needs to step back and revisit what at first looks like a gift.  I'll take the no tax on qualified dividends until the next change in the tax law.

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