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Using Intuit Link in Lacerte

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Using Intuit Link in Lacerte

With Intuit Link you can:

  • Easily send the tax organizer electronically
  • Capture all client tax data through a single portal
  • Speed up your workflow by using one place to collect, track and access client tax data and documents
  • Use the Link Dashboard to see what's been requested, what's been received and what is outstanding
  • Safeguard your clients' data leveraging bank-level security

To send a tax year 2020 Link organizer from the 2019 Lacerte program:

This process is for all clients, whether they have already accepted a Link invitation in a prior year or if they are new to Intuit Link. It's important to follow the steps below and use the Organizer option for your client's responses to go into the tax year 2020 folder in Intuit Link.

  1. Open Lacerte 2019.
  2. From the Tools menu choose Organizer.
  3. Click Use Intuit Link.
  4. Add the client from the Available Clients view to the Selected Clients view.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. On the Link Organizer screen you see the Invitation Email:
    • Taxpayers who are new to Intuit Link will receive this email. To edit the text in the email, click in the area and begin typing the desired text.  The program will prompt you to save the changes to the email body after clicking the Invite button.
    • Taxpayers who have already accepted their Link invitation, will get a separate predefined email stating that their checklist has been updated.  This email cannot be modified.
  7. Engagement Letter: Sends the engagement letter to the selected client(s).
    1. Click Edit to modify the engagement letter or to select a different engagement letter.
    2. To modify the letter, simply click in the body of the letter and begin typing.
    3. To select a different Engagement Letter, select a different letter by click on the pick list.
    4. To add a new engagement letter, click the Add button at the top of the screen.
  1. Questionnaire: Sends a custom or the default questionnaire.
    1. Click Edit to modify the Questionnaire.
    2. To add a new question, click the Add New Question button
    3. The Type column allows you to select the type of question you want to send to your client, "Yes or No" or "Open-ended" question.
    4. To delete a question, click the trash can icon under the Actions column.
    5. To add a new questionnaire, click Add at the top of the screen.
    6. To select a different questionnaire, go to the menu on the top left-hand corner.
  1. Checklist: Sends a checklist, based on the proforma'd data from the prior year program.
    1. Click Edit to modify the checklist that is automatically being generated.
    2. To add a new request, click the Add New Request button on the top right corner. Then type the request in the Request field.
    3. To modify an existing request, click in the Request field and entered the desired text.
    4. To delete a request, click the trash can button under the Actions column.
  1.  When ready to send the requests the client, click the Invite button on the bottom right corner.
    • For clients new to Intuit Link, an email will be sent to the client inviting them to use Intuit Link.
    • For clients that are already using Link, they will get a predefined email letting them know that their checklist has been updated.

When the taxpayer accepts the invitation, an email will be sent to the firm's email address stating that the taxpayer has accepted the invitation.  The email will go to the email address that is in the Firm Settings tab of the Lacerte program.  If an email address is not entered in the Firm Settings tab, the email will go to the preparer that was logged in to the Lacerte program when the invitation was sent.

To send a Link organizer from 2020 Lacerte:

If the client has already accepted their Link invitation in a prior year, their Link Status in 2020 Lacerte will show as "Invite Accepted".  Clicking on the "Invite Accepted" hyperlink on the Clients list will only take you the Link website so you can log in to the portal.  To send a request to clients who are in this state, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the client on the Clients list.
  2. From the Tools menu choose Intuit Link.
  3. Click Invite Client to Intuit Link.
  4. Select the preferred Engagement, Letter, Questionnaire, and/or Checklist to send.
  5. Click Invite when ready to send the requests to the client.
    • The requests sent to the client will appear in their TY20 folder when they log in to Link.
  6. After pressing the Invite button in step 3, the client will be added to Intuit Link client list along with all the questions and documents requests the accountant sent to them.  To view their progress, click on the hyperlink on the Intuit Link column in Lacerte or log in to the Link accountant site at https://link.intuit.com/accountant.

Note: The Lacerte program communicates with other online programs and services, such as Tax Import and E-signature, via Manage Users.  You may see those clients in Link even if they were not invited to Link using the steps in this article.  These clients can be hidden in Link by making them inactive.

Can I import data received via Intuit Link into a tax return? 

There is not a way to import data received via Intuit Link into a Lacerte Tax Return.  You can use the Tax Import feature in the Lacerte program to import the data from a PDF. For instructions on importing data from a PDF into a return, see: Importing Scanned Source Documents with Lacerte Tax Import

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