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ProSeries Professional Getting Started Guide

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to ProSeries!

You can install ProSeries Professional from the MyAccount Dashboard or the DVD enclosed.

To access installation instructions and other valuable resources, visit our support page here.


Installing your ProSeries Professional Program DVD

  1. Close all programs. If you are a new customer, go to accounts.intuit.com/signup and create your sign-in credentials.
  2. Insert the 2020 ProSeries Professional DVD, then click Next. Note: If the installation program does not start up automatically, click the Start button, select Run and then type D:/setup.exe (or the correct drive letter for the DVD if not “D”.)
  3. Read and accept the End User License Agreement, then click Next.
  4. In the Select Installation Type dialog, select either standalone or network.
  5. The Select Install Folder defaults to the local drive. We recommend accepting the default installation folder, however you can click Change to specify another location.
  6. The Product Selection Screen dialog box will appear. Select the federal and state program modules you need for tax season, then click Next.
  7. After the download is complete, click Finish to launch the program.
  8. The Connected Customer Wizard will walk you through the licensing process for ProSeries and start importing your firm information. Click Next.
  9. Verify your Firm Information, then click Next. Use the Update Tool link to make any necessary corrections.
  10. Enter your My Account User ID and Password. If you are a new customer, go to accounts.intuit.com/signup and create your sign-in credentials. Click Sign In.
  11. The Options Setup Wizard will then prompt you to set up your firm preparer information, additional services and billing options. Click Finish.
  12. The first time you open ProSeries Professional, the Prior Year Settings Transferred dialog box appears if the program was able to transfer your previous preferences and settings. When the Transfer Log dialog box opens, review the information, then click Close.

Congratulations! Your installation is complete.

If you’re having trouble with the download process and require additional help please see How to contact ProSeries for help for instructions on contact support and our hours of operation.


Installing your ProSeries Program from My Account online

  1. Go to https://myproconnect.intuit.com/
  2. Log in to the My Account website. If you do not have an account, click Create Account
  3. Click Download 2020 ProSeries Tax Program.
  4. Click Download Now.
  5. Go to the downloads folder on your computer and Save the installer file to your desktop or to a folder where you can easily find it.
  6. When the download of the installer file is complete, click Run to begin the installation.
  7. Click Next on the welcome screen to continue.
  8. Follow steps 8 to 12 in the previous section to complete prompts in the Connected Customer Wizard and Options Setup Wizard.

Preparing your networked computer system

If you have purchased a ProSeries Network License, you must prepare your networked computer system. The steps required for your system depend on the type of network and how it is set up.

  1. Decide which drive on the server (if a client-server network) or the serving computer (if a peer-to-peer network) you will install ProSeries shared network components.
  2. On the drive you chose, create a folder named “ProSeries.”
  3. Make the ProSeries folder a shared folder, and assign it the name “ProSeries.”
  4. Within the ProSeries folder, create a folder named “ProNet2020.”
  5. Decide which computer will be the ProSeries ADMIN workstation. Use the following information to help you decide.
    • Internet access: An internet connection is required.
    • If a client-server network: Install ProSeries software from the ProSeries ADMIN workstation to the server’s hard drive. The ProSeries ADMIN workstation and the server are two different computers. The ProSeries ADMIN workstation can be used as a workstation, but the server is not used as a workstation because doing so can degrade network performance.
    • If a peer-to-peer network: Install ProSeries software on the ProSeries ADMIN workstation’s hard drive. The ProSeries ADMIN workstation can be used as a workstation.
    • Rights: The ADMIN workstation is the only computer that has rights to at least some aspects of the following features: Product Updating, Customer Information, Primary File Location, Firm Name and Address, Master Password, Electronic Filing Password, Bank Products Registration Information, Database Maintenance and Home BaseTune-up.
  6. Make sure a drive is mapped to the ProSeries folder on the server or serving computer. Make sure the ProSeries ADMIN workstation has the appropriate rights and permissions.
  7. Go to each computer that will serve as a ProSeries user workstation, then make sure a drive is mapped to the ProSeries folder on the server or serving computer. Make sure each user workstation has the appropriate rights and permissions.




© 2020 Intuit Inc. All rights reserved. Intuit, the Intuit logo, Intuit ProConnect and ProSeries are trademarks of Intuit Inc. Other parties’ marks are the property of the irrespective owners. Features and services within ProSeries products may be the subject matter of pending and issued U.S. patents assigned to Intuit Inc. For detailed information about current System Requirements, go to System requirements for 2020 ProSeries.
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